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If you’ve ever thought to yourself…

“I’ve done everything right
I’ve done it all ‘the right way’...
but I’m still not doing what I came here to do…”

If you wake up every morning feeling beholden to a system, or a job, or a career that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and like something vital is missing…no matter what you do or try…

you need to hear this

Dear Visionary, 


If you’ve found your way here to Somatic Writing, I already know a few things about you.

1. You are brilliant. You are smart, talented and creative. Whether you own your own business or work a traditional job or are an academic, you and your work are amazing and you achieve at some of the highest levels that society sets out for us today.


2. There exists inside of you a secret yearning. It’s probably been there since your childhood, this deep desire and yearning for creativity, for writing, for art.


3. And yet, you wake up every morning with this existential dread gnawing away at you:

“I’m afraid I’m not going to do the thing I came here to do”


There is a force and a power that lives inside of you. And no matter what you try, you haven’t been able to get into real, consistent action to bring it into the world. 


If that sounds like you, I have something to tell you…

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault if you’ve done everything “right” and are still feeling unfulfilled. It’s not your fault if you’ve spent your whole life “playing by the rules” only to find yourself disillusioned and questioning why you bothered. And it’s not your fault if you haven’t been able to take consistent action and bring this yearning inside you into your lived reality. 


It probably started early for you – maybe even when you were a child. The quiet discouragement, the redirection into careers and interests that were more reliable, more safe, more palatable. 


If there is one thing oppressive systems do well, it’s making themselves feel invisible and inescapable at the exact same time. 


And they do this by telling us stories. 


They tell us stories of success. Of financial freedom. Of self-actualization and fulfillment – as long as we do things “the right way.”


But the truth is…

There is no one right way


Maybe you’ve tried to resist. You’ve worked on your manuscript or your business or your art. You’ve studied the craft. You’ve read all the books on creativity. 


You’ve listened to Liz Gilbert and Glennon Doyle. You’ve read The Artist’s Way or The War of Art. You’ve done your Morning Pages religiously. 


Maybe you’ve even gone on a writing retreat or two.


But none of it has gotten you any closer to that dream that keeps whispering inside of you. The deep yearning to live a life that feels completely inaccessible and out of reach.


And maybe…if you just work harder…if you just show up more, are more consistent, more disciplined…that will fix it. Right?


No, it won’t. 


Being more disciplined or more consistent won’t stop your yearning from whispering away inside of you. 


Discipline and consistency and paths set out by writing and creativity gurus are actually a symptom of the real problem. They reek of perfectionism and the idea that there is “one right way.” It’s the exact same problem in conventional business and coaching culture. 


I tried to go that path myself – giving clients a “path” to follow – and felt like a failure until I really looked at the origin stories of the people that sold that bill of goods to me. 


Just “follow our recipe” doesn’t work, because the steps and practices they set forth are missing a vital ingredient that is necessary for your liberation. 


The Thing That’s Keeping You From Writing Isn’t A Personal Failing – It’s Intergenerational, Patriarchal Trauma


We all have trauma. 


Shame that we mask.


Unattended sorrow and deep grief. 


Living within oppressive systems that are designed to disconnect and disempower us is traumatizing – for us, our ancestors, and our descendants. 


These systems train you to ignore and dismiss your inherent power. Your deep inner knowing. Your generational trauma. And your magic. 


They consciously and actively cause trauma and instill shame in you and me. All to keep us from writing. From leading. And from living in your deepest fulfillment. 

To Fully Live Your Purpose, You Must First Address Intergenerational Trauma & Shame


I’ve always said that I don’t believe in writer’s block. Not after helping well over a thousand people write their stories.


What I do believe in is writer’s shame, and unmet terror. 


Shame and trauma disconnect us – from ourselves, yes. But also from our communities and from others like us.


Shame and trauma tell us that we must make ourselves smaller – that we must hide the most vulnerable, mystical, magical parts of who we are.


Shame and trauma tell us that we do not belong – that no one cares, and that we must do it all alone.


Shame and trauma tell us that we have to “figure it all out” before taking action – and that our lived experiences don’t matter as much as someone else’s authority. 


These are all lies. 


These are all stories.


There is no more potent and influential magic on the planet than storytelling. 



The Stories Your Intergenerational Trauma And Your Shame Tell You Are Holding You Back From Doing The Thing You Came Here To Do

Trauma acts on a subconscious level. 


It may look like “Resistance” or “avoidance,” but in truth, it’s your nervous system simply trying to survive. 


The problem is: surviving and thriving are very different things. 


Surviving is what you’ve done up until now – playing by the rules, even if you’re a rebel. Doing everything you’ve been told to, excelling in whatever career or field you chose, doing all the right things, in the exact right way, and the exact right order…


Thriving is what happens when you listen to that voice, whispering inside of you. 


Thriving is what happens when you listen to deep knowing that springs from your gut, your bones, your soul. 


Thriving is what happens when you stop listening to the stories spun by shame and trauma and step back into your power. 

Hi, I’m Tanya. 


Whether you been following me for years or are brand new to my work, there’s something you should know: 


I believe that there’s no more potent magic and no more influential magic on the planet available to us than storytelling. 


This is why I’ve devoted my life to this work, ever since I was a young child and would  scratch out a few sentences to write a simple story or poem. 


My work in this world is to help people step into their power. 


And to specifically address the effects of embodied patriarchy in our bodies that holds us back from our ambition, creativity and most impactful life. 


Oppressive systems have us believing outright lies. Lies that traumatize us, that fill us with shame, and that disconnect us from our deepest knowing, our ancestral gifts, and our life’s purpose. 


It is through sharing our own deep stories – stories that are connected both to our ancestors and are in service to our descendants – that we reveal the intimate truth of who we are. 


Our most authentic stories are able to break the spells of systemic oppression by fully claiming, remembering, embodying, and standing in our power. 


By changing the narratives on the planet, one story at a time, we can challenge and effectively dismantle both individual oppression, familial oppression, and larger oppressions.


By owning and writing your story, you can step into your leadership, own your power, and start doing the work you came here to do. 


If you’re ready to move through your trauma and shame…

If you’re ready to liberate your voice, reclaim your power, and start doing what you truly came here to do…

If you’re ready to start thriving...


I have something for you. 

Tanya_002 WEB.jpg

Welcome to the Ancestral Leadership Lab

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is a place where you can unmask your trauma or shame to liberate your writer’s voice and fully step into your purpose.


This deep community is a magical space – literally.


 It is enchanted and supported by magic. 


In this enchanted container, you can come and be seen and be held in a deeply supporting and loving group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards their own liberation. 


Whether you’re writing your book, building a business, or just trying to open up your own healing or magical practice, this is a space for you to reclaim your voice and embody the revolution that lives inside you. 


Because that voice that keeps whispering inside you? The one that sings of deep connection and fulfillment and your true gifts? 


That voice IS a revolution. 


And following it will help you leave behind the legacy you were sent here to create. 

Who is The Ancestral Leadership Lab For?

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is open to all women and queer people who are seeking to reclaim their power, and are willing to do the ancestral and spiritual work to fully embody their life’s purpose.


This space is trauma-informed, and members must be committed to anti-racism, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and anti-fascism. 


This space is intense, because the stories we tell ourselves matter. And the default story we are programmed with is White Supremacy. 


As such, if you are not committed to doing your own work to release these ideals, this space is not for you. 


If you are not willing to be called out on your own internalized white supremacy and held in loving accountability, this space is not for you. 


If you are not willing to delve into the deepest parts of yourself to bring that yearning part of you into reality, this space is not for you. 

We cannot free ourselves from shame and trauma if we are replicating the oppressive systems we’re working dismantle

That’s why the Ancestral Leadership Lab is Protected By 13 Community Commitments


In order to write your deepest story, unmask shame and trauma, and step into your purpose, you must first feel safe.


All members of the Ancestral Leadership Lab agree to 13 community commitments when they join. These commitments are explicitly anti-racist, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and anti-fascist. 


Violating any of these commitments are grounds for expulsion from the group. 


We take your safety seriously – and your emotional, mental, and spiritual safety is just as important as your physical safety.

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is a Somatic and Phenomenological Experience

Phenomenological means through your own body, awareness or experience – and we include spiritual and ancestral experiences in that.


Because your experiences are real. And they are valid. No matter how strange or mystical they may feel. No matter how you might try to ignore them or describe yourself as “crazy” in an attempt to regain credibility from a system that shames you for even thinking you could have these experiences…


Our bodies remember. And our bodies hold shame and trauma. 


It is only through somatically experiencing and releasing shame and trauma that we can reconnect to the deepest parts of who we are and reclaim our power. 


That’s why everything we do in the Ancestral Leadership Lab is done in an embodied way. And why writing is one of our preferred tools. 


Because writing has a unique ability to shift shame and release trauma. Writing our deepest, most authentic stories, frees us from the stories oppressive systems want to tell about who we are. 


It lets us rewrite our own narratives and reclaim our power. 

I Want To Be Very Clear About Something: The Ancestral Leadership Lab Is NOT Coaching

The entire premise of the Ancestral Leadership Lab is that you know the answers.


However, Somatic Writing, as a process, helps you unmask your shame and trauma so that you can more easily access your inner knowing, including  Ancestral knowing. 


In short, we help you get reconnected to your body, land, Ancestors and the Ancient Future to access the information you need to fulfill your destiny. 


Paternalism (assuming you know what someone needs better than they do) is one of the hallmarks of patriarchy, white supremacy, and other systems of oppression. 


We refuse to replicate those systems in the Ancestral Leadership Lab. 


My team and I are here to support and guide you in setting up structures that help you ask yourself the right questions. We hold space for you along your journey, and support you in tuning in to your body, your lineage, and your ancestors to take back your power. 


But this is not coaching – and if you’re looking for coaching, the Ancestral Leadership Lab is not for you. 

Inside The Ancestral
Leadership Lab You Will…

Be Greeted With A 1-on-1 Concierge Call 

Each new member will be welcomed into The Ancestral Leadership Lab by a 1-on-1 call with a member of our team. This call will help you set your intentions for the space, and determine which classes and calls are the most relevant for your goals and your purpose. 

Step Into Your Power With The Support of Liberated Leaders

One of the most persistent and disempowering narratives is that we “have to do it all alone.” I’ve never met a writer who could actually write a book alone – let alone who could move through and dissolve the generational trauma holding you back from telling your most authentic stories. 


Inside the Ancestral Leadership Lab, we’ve gathered together a circle of powerful, creative leaders. Their work goes beyond operations into the realms of somatic healing, magic, and liberation. 


Working with these leaders will present you with many different perspectives and ways of looking at things, to open up new possibilities for you. 

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein- Ancestral Gifts Creator, Somatic Story Mentor, Priestess of the Ancient Now

Tanya is the creator of Writing with the Ancestors process, the Transformational Monologue process and the Cancer Monologues (Published in book form by McAdam Cage in 2002.) Her liberatory story work has been in service to artists, writers, authors, musicians and "ordinary people" who have lived through catastrophic trauma, violence and mental and physical illnesses. 

She was trained as an actor originally and performed her own original shows to critical acclaim. 

Tanya was undiagnosed as an Autistic woman until 2020. Though she was undiagnosed, she has always been obsessed with following her special interests (which include literature, magic, theater as ritual, and the relationship between Israel and Palestine) from a young age. Her doggedness to be true to herself prevented her from excelling in Academia, which did not know how to support her wildness as a story tracker and synthesizer.  

She has gone on to create a thriving career as an entrepreneur over the past 23 years, helping thousands of people liberate their voice and retrieve their power to write books and solo shows to center their creative leadership. 

Melissa Kaplan - Somatic Practitioner

Melissa Kaplan, is a somatic therapist and spiritual activist, based in New York. She believes that eros is the awakening force that transforms our defenses, our negative beliefs, distorted feelings and disconnection from animism. She works with trauma that is held in the body in order to increase our capacity for pleasure and ground in our true selves so that we may step into our most expansive and rooted emotional leadership. She teaches self-intimacy through body, spirit, emotion and connection to land. Melissa was an international CEO for more than a decade and an alumna of Harvard Business School.

Courtney Reed-Marsh - Guest Somatic Teacher

Trained as a fiction writer, with a deep love of myth and a publishing industry background in personal story-based nonfiction, Courtney thrives in the liminal spaces where well honed craft comes together with image and metaphor, lived experience and collective knowing to bring great storytelling to life.

Uma Girish - Somatic Writing Guest Instructor

Uma Girish is a Writing and Spiritual Mentor, Human Design Guide, and Award-Winning Author who was born and raised in Southern India. She is the author of three books, two of which won Honorable Mention in the Chicago Book Awards the year they were published. Uma’s mission is to guide women who are navigating loss to transform their pain into purpose. Uma lives in suburban Chicago with her husband of 32 years.

Debra Rosenman - Somatic Story Coach

Debra traverses the wild terrain of soul as a writer, book midwife, developmental editor, grief-tender/ritualist and the author/editor/designer of the multi-award-winning book, The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope from Behind the Bars. Beautifully entangled with nature and spirit, and a keener at heart, Debra supports clients in writing memoirs and nonfiction books that orient readers towards a more inclusive humanity. She helps clients write content that feels somatically alive so, ultimately, it can be spun into gold. Debra leads earth-based rituals and rewilding practices for individuals and groups. She is the founder of Voices for Wild Souls. 

Create Your Legacy With 7 Powerful Community Calls Each Month


Inside the community, you’ll have access to  impactful community calls each month, each carefully selected to support you in unmasking your trauma, reclaiming your writer’s voice, and stepping fully into your purpose.

Join us for: 


  • Two (2) Liberated Voice, Somatic Resistance Sessions each month
    Where you’ll work with Somatic Practitioner Melissa Kaplan to address embodied patriarchal suppression, shame, and trauma and un-tether your writer’s voice

  • One (1) State of Story Session each month
    Join Tanya to expand your collective awareness. We’ll write with the ancestors, and we’ll write with your descendants to untangle  ancestral knots that are preventing you from stepping into the fullness of your ancestral gifts, your magic and your destiny. 

  • One (1) Full Moon and One (1) New Moon Writer’s Accountability Sessions each month 
    The full moon and the new moon are especially potent times each month for tapping back into your innate, lived power. Join us for for tarot, an astrological check in, and  Black Book Practice to stay on track with your writer’s intentions

  • One (1) Shimmering Images Writer’s Retreat each month
    Join Tanya for this 6-hour one-day retreat to go deep with your writing in community

  • One (1) Somatic Entrepreneur Q&A each month 
    Ask Tanya anything about how she built Somatic Writing from scratch into a magical, socially relevant business since September, 2020 in this monthly Q&A call.


Plus, you’ll get 24/7 access to the online Kajabi membership group to connect, share and collaborate with other members. 


Reclaim Your Power With 3 Of Our Most Popular Offerings – Included Free!

To support you in writing your most authentic story and living out your purpose, the Ancestral Leadership Lab includes access to: 


AUTHOR UP! (previously $1500)

Author UP! Six Weeks to Liberate your Voice, Create an Organic Structure and Write Chapter One of Your Memoir or Nonfiction Book was one of our most popular programs.


In six weeks, participants would map an achievable path to completing their book in the next year, turning their ideas into a finished story that resonates with readers.


When you join the Ancestral Leadership Lab, you’ll gain immediate access to the entire six-week course to support you in developing the skills you need to unleash your voice, identify your soulmate reader, write a table of contents, map a strong guiding outline, and finish your first chapter. 


1-on-1 Somatic Story Coaching (previously $15,000)

All participants in the Ancestral Leadership Lab will be eligible for discounted 1-on-1 coaching rates, to support you in writing a strong first draft of your book. Over the course of a year you’ll craft your manuscript in a depth-based, literary and magical community, complete with 1-on-1 support, guidance, and a consent-based feedback system. 

Somatic Writing gives us the space and process to open up and believe that we all have an important story to tell, and the permission to be our truest, messiest, and most magnificent selves...then helps us get it all written down. It has been a gift of a lifetime to become part of this community of writers.

- Eva DeVirgilis, Actor, Playwright, TED Speaker 

The Somatic Writing process has been life-giving to my writing project and to me as an author. Somatic Writing provides the strong community, gentle accountability, and reliably insightful feedback on the work--elements I've found in other writing spaces individually, but never from one single resource. In addition, the powerful magical practices and trusting of the body's wisdom has resulted in the best writing I've ever done. I also appreciate that this process seems to work equally well for writers at all experience levels and in different phases with their relationship to their work. I'm forever grateful for this experience, and I'm sure I'll be engaging further.

- Kimberly Robb Baker, Writer, Community Builder, Mother

I have been coached and trained by over 50 writers across the world, some with huge international recognition, and not one has ever opened me to myself the way the Somatic Writing process does. Tanya is a powerful guide through the chaotic and often painful journey of writing and discovery. If you've decided to write directly toward the truth no matter where it goes and you've found it challenging, lonely or scary... this is the answer. If you are a writer or aspiring to be, and you want a safe and powerful container to find your voice in writing, I can't recommend Somatic Writing enough.

- Andrya Allen, Founder of Vox Verba & Writer

Step Into The Ancient Now

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is a magically enchanted and supported container. It is located in a place I call the Ancient Now.


The Ancient Now exists outside of linear space and time. It’s a liminal space between the present and the future, that opens up possibilities in the spaces between breaths. 


Inside the Ancient Now, we are able to "bend time" so to speak, and retrieve aspects of ourselves that were lost, stolen or left behind. 


Outside of time-based constructs – including patriarchy or oppression of any kind – we are able to return and connect to our souls, accessing an original, deep and venerable power source from the root systems below the land. 


Inside the Ancient Now, as it exists within this community, you will be magically supported on your journey, as you step into your power and reclaim your voice.  


You will also be automatically included in the Lilith Rose Jar, a magical monthly spell and practice in support of your liberated voice, your finished book and embodied wealth and success outside of capitalism – as well as liberation for all humans, Earth and other species. 


This jar energetically holds my students and members of the Ancestral Leadership Lab to fulfill their intentions within the community, doing the magical heavy lifting for you. 


The jar does not have an associated price tag, as it is not a service that can be bought, but similar services elsewhere have gone for $120 USD per person. 

All combined, the Ancestral Leadership Lab provides an estimated value of $16,500 to help you step into your power and start doing what you came here to do. 


And you can join now, starting at $99 USD per month 

Pay Monthly



  • 24/7 access to the Ancestral Leadership Lab membership group

  • 1-on-1 Concierge Welcome Call with an Ancestral Leadership Lab team member

  • Two Liberated Voice, Somatic Resistance Sessions each month

  • One State of Story Session each month

  • Monthly Full Moon and New Moon Writer’s Accountability Sessions

  • One 6-hour Shimmering Images Writer’s Retreat each month

  • One Somatic Entrepreneur Q&A call each month

  • Pre-recorded Session: Ancestral Magic as Praxis with Tanya Rubinstein 

  • Access to member-only discounted Story Coaching rates

  • Bonus #1: Full access to the Author Up curriculum ($1500 value!)

  • Bonus #2: Inclusion in the Lilith Rose Jar (& other magical supports)


Lifetime Access (Founder’s Rate)

$1,800 USD


Pay once, up front, and get access for the lifetime of the program! 

This special, lifetime rate includes everything in the monthly membership, for a single, convenient price. Pay once and stay for the life of this container! 


The up-front investment pays for itself in just ten months! The average time for a Somatic Writing client to complete a program is 15-18 months, and we expect that to lengthen in the Ancestral Leadership Lab, so these savings will compound over time as you step into your power and build community. 


You’ll also receive one free Ancestral Gift Session with Tanya, where the two of you dive deep into your gifts, your purpose, and your destiny.  This is a totally unique offering unavailable anywhere else. 

All that..for just $99?!


Yes. The Ancestral Leadership Lab is just $99 a month. 


Why? Well, to put it quite simply: I am here to make money for myself, my magical team and my community – but not to exploit my people or shave years off their life by being a financial stressor. 


I am an idealist, but also a realist. This community is my art. It is my imperfect offering and my attempt at a better way. The price point is a conscious part of that attempt. 


The Ancestral Leadership Lab Will Radically Change Your Life

Life changing! I’ve been working on my book for more than 30 years. I had boxes full of research, sample book proposals, beginning chapters. But I could never get beyond…I was frozen in my trauma. Somatic Writing allowed me to breakthrough and access stories that I thought had been lost forever. I’ve learned to write from and through the trauma held in my body, rather than my fact-telling brain.

- Elan Lambert. Social Worker, Writer


Somatic Writing has changed the direction of my life. The practices, the community and the team have thawed my frozen insides. Honest storytelling and deep listening to other people's stories have been truly life changing experiences for me. They continue to heal me, undo me, and bring love back in my life in so many ways. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much my cohort and the entire team of Somatic Writing.

- Shruti Mehta, Writer and Mother

The Somatic Writing process unlocked the code for creating a perfect environment to cultivate radical growth. I am a busy entrepreneur with a story to share. The team was able to cultivate my skills in a way that gave a framework and a timeframe to see this project through from birth to creation. As a professional coach myself, I know good coaching works, but the Somatic Writing approach that is equal parts pragmatic and creative, supported my effort in a way that would be unmatched by someone else. My time in the program has provided my work and my life a quantum transformation. If you're looking to level up in life and in your creative work, look no further.

- Hailee Bland Walsh, Writer & Owner of City Gym

Step Into Your Destiny, Your Deeper Purpose, Your Joy

The Ancestral Leadership Lab Includes:

  • 24/7 access to the Ancestral Leadership Lab membership group

  • 1-on-1 Concierge Welcome Call with an Ancestral Leadership Lab team member

  • Two Liberated Voice, Somatic Resistance Sessions each month

  • One State of Story Session each month

  • Monthly Full Moon and New Moon Writer’s Accountability SessionsT

  • One 6-hour Shimmering Images Writer’s Retreat each month

  • One Somatic Entrepreneur Q&A call each month

  • Pre-recorded Session: Ancestral Magic as Praxis with Tanya Rubinstein 

  • Access to member-only discounted Story Coaching rates

  • Bonus #1: Full access to the Author Up curriculum ($1500 value!)

  • Bonus #2: Inclusion in the Lilith Rose Jar (& other magical supports)

$99/mo USD


      $1,800 for Lifetime Access at the Founder’s Rate

“There was a whole year of incredible personal transformation that happened through this writing process that is not only healing my past and my present, but it's also setting the tone for my future, and where I'm going.


I think perhaps what prevented me from doing this on my own before was that I worried that I would lose myself or lose my mind, if I went too deep into my stories. So, knowing that I had the support of our cohort and this program allowed me to just lose it when I needed to and then soar when I was ready.”

 Jen Peer Rich, PhD- Author, Speaker, Eco-psycologist

"So many unexpected gains from my work with Somatic Writing – so much to thank you for. The steady support all year, encouragement, view-from-without, and inspiration, all made writing my book finally possible. I have learned so much about myself, have become a better writer, and have embraced parts of myself I did not even see until I started working with you, and practicing somatic writing with others online. I am eternally grateful!"

Stacey Kerr, MD, Author

"The Somatic Writing program is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Somatic Writing is masterful at creating a nourishing structure that invites me to write from the deep places I’ve longed to connect with but couldn’t access on my own. The experience has far exceeded my expectations and is pure nectar for my soul."

Mary Suzanne Garvey, Painter & Author

"The Somatic Writing Lab has been an amazing experience on many levels. I don’t think I fully comprehended what I was getting into when I signed up–other than the distant possibility of a first draft of my memoir. But for me this class has been so much more. No matter what the focus of your story, it is woven from all aspects of your life.  Likewise, the illumination and liberation that Somatic Writing process provides has carried over well beyond the writing of my memoir.  If you yearn to really tap into your creativity and explore the deepest depths of your possibilities, consider this class. If you are ready to take a leap of faith, then I suggest you consider jumping into this! I recommend it without hesitation!"

Alicia M. Nemec, Retired Commander, U.S. Navy, Attorney, Farmer, Writer  

How do I know if
The Ancestral Leadership Lab
is right for me?

This is a space for women, mothers, matriarchs and queer femmes to reclaim their power through writing. 


To express…


If you’re still not sure that The Ancestral Leadership Lab is for you, there is one thing you should do: trust your gut.


5000 years ago, when patriarchy was first codified, the first thing they took from us was our mysticism. 


They took our ancestors from us – our connections to them. And our connections to ourselves. 


They taught you not to trust your deeper knowledge. 


They taught you not to trust the part of yourself that knocks on your door every day when you wake up. The part of you that knows what you came here to do.


Listen to that part of you. Listen to your deeper knowing. 


When you trust that knowing, you shift towards the liberation and purpose you’ve been seeking – even if your gut says the Ancestral Liberation Lab is not for you.

The Ancestral Leadership Lab
is Not For Everyone

If you’re not deeply committed to being trauma-informed and anti-racist, The Ancestral Leadership Lab is not for you. 


But if you are committed…if you’re not just willing to talk the talk, but walk the walk…to embody your values in the way you show up in the world…


The Ancestral Leadership Lab is a place where you can bring ALL of you and belong. 


A place where we write at the speed of our nervous systems, and where we undo generational trauma. 


A place where we hold each other as we step back into our own power, and start living our souls’ purpose.


A place where that deep yearning inside of you is welcomed and held and brought out into the light of day so that it transmutes from aching whisper into fully embodied power.


If this sounds like the community you’ve been looking for…

$99/mo USD


      $1,800 for Lifetime Access at the Founder’s Rate


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Ancestral Leadership Lab?

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is a paid community where writers, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders of all kinds come to liberate their voices as writers, write their books and fully step into their purpose.


Who is this for?

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is open to all women and queer people who are seeking to fully reclaim their power, and are willing to do the ancestral and spiritual work to fully embody their voice and  life’s purpose. 


What if I don’t want to write/write a book?

The purpose of the Ancestral Liberation Lab is to help you release shame and move through generational trauma so you can truly step into your power and start living your deeper purpose. We’ve found writing to be an invaluable tool in this process (hence why we’re called Somatic Writing), but writing a book or completing a manuscript is not the main focus of this program. We have new moon and full moon magic, somatic entrepreneurship circles and somatic liberations sessions. So you’re welcome to join, even if you don’t want to write.


How much does it cost?

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is $99 USD per month. If you pay 12 months in full, you will also receive lifetime access to the membership and one private Ancestral Gifts one hour session with Tanya. 


How do you guarantee safety?

The Ancestral Leadership Lab is governed by 13 Community Commitments that include being anti-racist, LGBTQIA inclusive and anti-fasicist. These commitments are how we create a fully inclusive space, and violation of any one of these commitments is grounds for expulsion. We have trained and certified therapists and somatic practitioners on our team and adhere to a clear set of progressive, intersectional Feminist ethics.


Are there scholarships available? 

Yes! We have generous scholarships available for those who has been financially marginalized due to systemic oppressions including racism and ableism. Please email to find out about qualifying for a partial or full scholarship. 

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