Author Identity Summer Retreat

An Online Intensive on Publishing Your Book, Centering Your Message
& Stepping into Your Soul Identity as an Author

The book itself demanded to be written. Who else but you could tell your story or make that specific offering to the culture? But after the profound and inspiring process of writing itself, many first-time authors-to-be find themselves stranded at another crossroads, wondering what comes next.


What path is right for me? Traditional publishing? Self-publishing? Is it still possible to get a book deal? How will I sell my book, and who will want to buy it? And how can I monetize this passion project that I’ve wrung out my heart and soul to write?

Sound familiar?


In some ways, the answers to these questions are as practical as they are unique to the individual. But what we’ve discovered in working with our clients is that, underneath it all, success from this stage forward actually has less to do with the outer things and more to do with stepping into confidence, into visibility.


What’s really required is an internal shift from identifying in a purely creative and conceptual was as a writer, to stepping into your fully realized identity as a published author…and that can be challenging! Old patterns and beliefs, messaging around visibility, about taking up space and claiming your own authority. All these can arise when you're making this massive identity upgrade, because your life will get bigger. It will expand. There will be more opportunities, for sure–but only if you actually set yourself up in a way for this to happen.


You’ve written the book, or you’re well on your way to accomplishing that goal. Now it’s time to make an impact 

In this Author Identity Retreat, Tanya, Courtney, and the Somatic Writing team will be joined by some very special guests to take you through an experiential deep dive to explore these topics and more:

Demystifying the Book Proposal

with Tim McKee, Publisher at North Atlantic Books and former Managing Editor at The Sun magazine


North Atlantic Books is an independent nonprofit press based in Berkeley, California, distributed by Penguin Random House. Since 1974, their books have offered transformative, intersectional, and practical ways of healing individuals, communities, and the planet, and amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices. Through the books they publish and their own work as an organization, they center racial justice and actively strive to dismantle systemic racism and all forms of discrimination against Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color.

Short-form Publishing to Build Your Platform

with Candace Walsh, Author and Editor


Candace Walsh is a doctoral student in Creative Writing (Fiction) at Ohio University. She has edited three essay anthologies including Dear John, I love Jane and wrote the memoir, Licking the Spoon (Seal Press). She received her MFA in Fiction from Warren Wilson College and has been a freelance writer for almost fifteen years. She has written for Blender, New York Magazine, Mademoiselle, Newsday, Sunset, Travel & Leisure, Mothering, German Vogue, Huffington Post, Food & Wine, and more.

Energetics of  Your Author Identity

Melissa Kaplan, Somatic Therapist and faculty intern at the Institute of Core Energetics


Melissa Kaplan is the CEO and Founder of EmBody the Revolution, a somatic therapist and the author of Unguarded. She guides women to use the awakening force of eros to dissolve their defenses and cultivate greater intimacy with themselves, others and nature.

Story Magic: Liberate Your Voice, Untether Your Power

with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and Courtney Reed-Marsh

Plus even more to be announced!
…All in one weekend and accessible exclusively online from anywhere in the world!