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FREE Live, Life-Changing Writing Workshop!

Author Up! Liberate Your Voice & Write Your Book…at Last!

with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Founder of Somatic Writing 

Friday, February 23rd at 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central Time

Are you a therapist, trauma-informed coach or CEO who is also a "secret writer?" 


Have you always longed to publish a bestselling book…but haven’t yet figured out how to actually get it written?


Can you relate to any (or all!) of the following?


  • I want to write, but I always end up procrastinating even when I’ve set aside the time.


  • When I’m writing, I sometimes get distracted or shut down just when things are starting to get interesting. 

  • I have so many inspiring ideas about my book, but when I sit down to write I don’t know what to say or how to say it.


  • Whenever I try to write, something unexpected comes up and I have to cut the session short. 


  • It’s so hard to make time for my writing! There are always so many other, more pressing things that demand my attention.


  • I really want to write my story, but I’m worried about what other people are going to think or say if I tell my whole truth.

  • I want to write my book, but I’m worried that nobody else will care enough to read it.

  • I know my story is interesting/powerful/important, but I’m not a good enough writer to do it justice. 

As a book coach, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I really don’t! 


What I’ve come to understand through my decades of experience is that what our culture calls writer’s block is actually writer’s trauma and writer's shame. 


Underneath all the surface-level reasons we tell ourselves that we can’t get the work done, there’s almost always some wounding that’s been activated. Our survival instincts often kick in before our conscious mind has even noticed what’s happening, and before we know it, we’re shut down or distracted. 


If any of this feels familiar and you’re ready to break out of the same old inspiration-frustration pattern, I invite you to join me for a practical and paradigm-shifting workshop where we’ll:

  • Address these challenges at their roots;

  • Learn how to work around them by setting up external structures and systems to keep you writing no matter what;

  • Demystify the process of creating a functional, supportive, and inspired “living outline”;

  • Unlock the secret to making a tremendous impact from page one with an intentionally crafted literary prologue;

  • And so much more!!


Here’s what you’ll get in this life-changing masterclass:


Part One: Liberate Your Voice 

Drop down and go deep with essential Somatic Writing practices that distinguish our process from what you’d learn in a typical writing program. 


Through directed writing exercises, we’ll give voice to the conscious and unconscious stories held in our bodies—the organs and fascia, blood, bone and sinew—as well as to those revealed by our well ancestors, both of shared DNA and also of our creative and cultural lineages. We’ll also connect with the land, the Earth itself to support us in expanding our writer’s voice and capacity, and to address issues like unmet shame and trauma. And, we’ll learn to use ritual for writers' accountability to set ourselves up for the writing adventure. 

Part Two: Tap into the Power of Myth and Metaphor

Explore the mythic power of prologues and learn how uncovering the perfect metaphor can reveal your book’s most powerful message and meaning.


We’ll discuss examples from contemporary publishing to understand how metaphor works to elevate personal story to the level of cultural and even mythic impact. Then, we’ll begin the process of uncovering the themes, symbols and metaphors that have likely been shaping your life for years and are already an integral part of your story…whether you’ve recognized them as such or not!

Part Three: Discover Your Story’s Organic Structure

Notice the patterns and inherent relationships between your stories and teachings, then get intentional with creative decision-making to bring out the deeper, more universal truths for culture-level relevance and impact.

We’ll unpack structure through a narrative lens and discuss the two primary types of stories that make up a memoir or personal story-based hybrid nonfiction book, as well as how to weave them together. And we’ll approach outlining in a living, breathing way that gives you a roadmap to follow throughout your writing process, while remaining flexible enough to shift and change as your story morphs and grows into itself. 

Enroll Now

If you want to make 2024 the year you finally breakthrough to write and publish your amazing book, please join us. We look forward to seeing you there!



Melissa Kaplan,
Author & Somatic Therapist 

"My life has changed, but I have really become more authentically who I was meant to be in this lifetime.” 


"There was so much unlearning that I needed to go through. There was a total coming undone process in my own journey.”


“If we don’t speak our unspeakable story, it’s doomed to repeat itself.”   

Jen Peer Rich, 
PhD- Author, Speaker,

“There was a whole year of incredible personal transformation that happened through this writing process that is not only healing my past and my present, but it's also setting the tone for my future, and where I'm going.


I think perhaps what prevented me from doing this on my own before was that I worried that I would lose myself or lose my mind, if I went too deep into my stories. So, knowing that I had the support of our cohort and this program allowed me to just lose it when I needed to and then soar when I was ready.” 

Marta Aarli, 
Psychotherapist and Dreamworker

"You can write a book from an intellectual place, but I love the deep, personal searching and the depth of the Memoir Lab and the spiritual, the somatic, the emotional aspect of this, as well as the classes which are such an intellectual learning and technique and structure, which I had never studied writing before. So that was amazing. But then it took me into this deep, deep process. The book that I'm writing brings all of those elements into the material, which is just a perfect balance for me as a writer, as a person. That's what I want to write. That's how I work with people, and that's what I want this book to bring to my readers."

Shayla Wright

Founder, Wide Awake Heart, Spiritual Mentor

For those of you who are still to be initiated into the potent healing magic of Somatic Writing's Memoir Lab, I want to warn you of a few things, before you step into this cauldron/crucible/sanctuary.


The Somatic Writing team are actually part healers, part shamans, and part good witches, cleverly disguised as writing mentors and coaches. Be sure you know what you are getting into before you put your money down.


Writing a memoir, or narrative nonfiction, is not for the faint of heart. Coming closer and closer to the real living energy of your life, the life that lives and breathes underneath and through the twists and turns of your story, will undo you.


You will be unravelled and forever changed, and you will not be able to go back to who you were before you began this journey. Your views and beliefs and perspectives will be turned upside down and inside out, and you'll find that the story of your life is recreating you, as you wrestle with it, through the days and nights of this Lab.


You will also be undone by the profound kindness, care and wisdom that reveals itself in Somatic Writing, and by your fellow writers and travellers in the Lab. They will offer you a kind of love and compassion which will seem unreasonable and unfathomable at times. 

Andrya Allen,
Founder of Vox Verba & Writer

I have been coached and trained by over 50 writers across the world, some with huge international recognition, and not one has ever opened me to myself the way the Somatic Writing process does. Tanya is a powerful guide through the chaotic and often painful journey of writing and discovery. If you've decided to write directly toward the truth no matter where it goes and you've found it challenging, lonely or scary... this is the answer. If you are a writer or aspiring to be, and you want a safe and powerful container to find your voice in writing. I can't recommend Somatic Writing enough.

Dena Crowder, 
High Performance Coach,
Speaker & Author

There are no words to express my depth of appreciation for the Somatic Writing process. Nothing else compares to its method: it is potent medicine and an answer to prayers!


Somatic Writing's team of talented coaches offered me the perfect combination of inner permission and tactical "how to" structure. Somatic Writing was the missing element in me finishing the book I've wanted to write for years.

Diana Lightmoon, 
Psychotherapist & Writer

The process of Somatic Writing is a gift that will help you find the deepest truth, then hold your feet to the fire until you tell it to the best of your ability.


Being in the Somatic Writing group takes the isolation out of being a writer and also out of the past I’m writing about, in which I had felt so alone. It helped me find the voice I lost as a child and gave it the space to develop now. 

Ann Marie Houghtailing, 

Solo Performer, Two time TEDx Speaker & Brand Story Consultant

I highly recommend the Somatic Writing process...Whatever is standing in your way can easily be overcome with the team's guidance and talent. Even good writers require the trained eye of an expert. The expertise at Somatic Writing will help you move from idea to reality.

Christina MacLeod,

Ma.Ed, Creative Depth Coach

My inner experience of shifting from writer to author's identity in Somatic Writing has been both terrifying and elating. Something quite magical happened in learning how to access my stories from a more body-informed place. Somatic Writing offers masterful practices rich in meaning and depth that helped me to excavate my layered stories and liberate my voice, cultivating the essential skills to write my book. The Author Up experience has moved me on so many levels as a writer, far beyond my expectations. 


Tanya Taylor Rubinstein developed Somatic Writing as a way for her students to become embodied writers. By holistically retrieving voice, untethering power and writing stories, they are able to experience profound personal connection to their work. 

By writing and publishing their memoirs and performing their solo shows they become positioned as leaders to evolve the culture. 

The Somatic Writing process and practice is the thirty year synthesis of her work as a narrative based master teacher.


She has worked with well over a thousand people over the last twenty one years to write memoirs, monologues, and solo shows.

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