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Somatic Writing 1

Are you longing to write your book, but self-doubt, shame, or fear of what others may think inhibits your voice?

Do you think of stories that you want to tell, but cannot access them when it comes down to writing them?

Do you long to feel your body align with your spirit? Does suppression of any kind tether your soul, your voice, your being?

Are you looking to find the deepest expression of your heart and soul through writing and sharing stories?

If you are ready to experience a truly generative and inspired writing practice that not only prepares you to write your book, but brings you back home into the journey of yourself, our Somatic Writing 1 program may be the right place for you. It's spacious, inclusive, and radically supportive, yet also a focused community space where you will be able to take the deep plunge into writing and sharing your stories. It's a place to build relationships, untether your creativity, unleash your voice, align with power, and deepen your sacred and artistic connection to writing.

This is a place to not only write but to write yourself alive, and to write yourself alive with others. 

Sign up to get information on Somatic Writing 1 the next time we open our doors. 


Somatic Memoir Lab

Fire and Fascia: Stories that Burn,

Stories that Connect

Do you wake up with anxiety in the middle of the night because you know that you not only have a book to write but a crucial role to play in the evolution of the culture?

Have you worked for years or decades on your own personal recovery, creative practice, awakenings work, trauma healing and leadership only to wonder how to pull it all together in a way that is inspired, inspiring, alive, and supports others on their journey to self and collective liberation?

Do you imagine that your book is already written, hanging out somewhere in the cosmos or perhaps scribed on your very soul?

Have you been looking for years for someone who can work outside the conventional process to support you?

If so, I've got you, new friend.

As a culture, we're at a crossroads.

At this moment, we're each being called to help write and embody a new culture. We are being called to express our voices, write our stories, and untether our power to help create more conscious narratives to awaken the collective consciousness and help shift life's trajectory on this planet.

If we as individuals and as a species can embrace both our broken stories of wholeness and fully call and write our fragmented soul shards back into our bodies, we have the opportunity to transmute the energetics that have been suppressing us. In this time of deconstruction in every single aspect of the culture, it's essential to remember that our power is in how we choose to integrate this moment, acknowledging the crisis and what has led us here, while also recognizing our agency, in our ability to share our story, our perspective, our lived experience to shift everything in the direction of love.   

To enter into spaces of radical acceptance, where we can write and share, we are able to write into and through oppression and silencing that has plagued us and plagued our ancestors.

The Somatic Memoir Lab is a tight container where Tanya and her team of story coaches and editors support you in freeing your voice and writing stories that reside in your body, that activate your soul. We help you in writing the story that you are literally wired for and born to tell. As you unlock your memories and feelings through the writing process itself and are supported in breaking out of perceived limitations while turning them into a compelling page-turning memoir, your life will be changed forever. If you have struggled to write, yet longed to write and pull your entire story together for years and maybe even decades… here is a solution.

Reach out for a free call to chat about your book idea today.


Story Archaeology: The Somatic Story Lab

Liberate Your Voice. Write Your Story. Untether Your Power.

Whether you have a dream of writing and publishing a book, becoming more confident in your leadership, or expressing your intuitive and empathetic gifts, this lab may be for you. The Somatic Story Lab helps you develop an embodied writing practice that matches your depths and serves your soul (& soul purpose). 


Just like the land has layers of sediment that tell a story, our bodies-energetic, physical and spiritual - hold aspects of our story. The Somatic Writing process uses all the aspects of our embodied intelligence to retrieve our story, on every level. 


When we retrieve our story through writing, speaking and sharing, we free our voices and untether our power from the institutions, people, and beliefs that have made us smaller. As we write into our vastness and liberate ourselves from fear and shame, we become transmitters of powerful truth with the ability to shift hearts, minds and culture. 


Somatic Writing is a consciousness-first process that empowers and inspires you to live from your wholeness, embody your depth of leadership, and serve your soul purpose, for yourself and the collective.


This program is for healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, therapists, teachers, leaders, artists, performers, storytellers, writers, or anyone wishing to deepen and liberate their voice, write their story, and untether their power. The Somatic Story Lab is an intimate group, limited to 30 people, where everyone will have an opportunity to share their writing, receive feedback, and be seen in their unique journey.


The Somatic Writing Circle

Our next topic:  "Writing the Wild Mystic”

Thursday,  December 10th at 6:00 PM-7:30 PM Central Time

At this existential moment on the planet, in liminal space between the past and present, we are all being asked to write new stories. The new stories, paradoxically, are connected to the stories of our ancients - ancestrally, in lineage, and tribally. These mystical stories have been marginalized internally and externally by western culture, the church, educational systems and conventional child-raising techniques. 

Until the exiled mystical voice has been reclaimed, there will be a hole, or missing piece in the story you are able to communicate. 

In this class, we call back in the wild mystic. Whether you have an exiled identity as a priestess, shaman, druid, witch, bard, or something else unique to who you are and the land your ancestors came from, come into our story cauldron with a candle and a journal to write yourself back into aspects of your own mystical being. 

The stories of the mystics of the past are aligned with the changemakers, visionaries and new myth-makers now and of the future. If you count yourself among them, join us this Thursday night for an intimate writing circle

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