August 5-7, 2022

Visioning Your Journey to Publishing & Leadership 
with Tanya & the Somatic Writing Team, Tim McKee of North Atlantic Books, and Other Special Guests


An Author Identity Summer Retreat

Watch the replay videos below

Day 1
Day 2
  • Stepping into Your Author’s Identity

  • Demystifying the Book Proposal with Tim McKee, Publisher at North Atlantic Books

  • Energetics of Your Author Identity with Melissa Kaplan, Author and Core Energetics Therapist

Day 3
  • Lightning Coaching with Tanya and Courtney

  • Short-form Publishing to Build Your Platform with Candace Walsh, Author and Editor

  • Story Leverage with T.J. Parsell, Author, Filmmaker, and Social Entrepreneur

  • Integration, Inspiration, and Mapping the Way Forward