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Story Archaeology: Liberate Your Voice and Untether Your Power


Story Archaeology is for writers with and without established writing practices who are interested in bringing the numinous into daily life. It’s a narrative practice space for writers and creatives at any stage of life who desire to become more confident as leaders while expressing their intuitive and empathic gifts.


If you desire to gain insight into writing your legacy story--your soul work that will impact the world--Story Archaeology is for you. 


The Story Archeology will support you in developing an embodied writing practice that matches your depths and serves your soul (and soul purpose.)

Just as the land has layers of sediment that tell a story, our bodies — energetic, physical, and spiritual — all hold aspects of our story. 


The Somatic Writing process uses all the aspects of our embodied intelligence to retrieve our story, on every level. 


When we retrieve our story through writing and sharing, we free our voices and untether our power from institutions, people, and beliefs that have made us feel smaller. 


As we write into our vastness and liberate ourselves from fear and shame, we become transmitters of powerful truth with the ability to shift individual and cultural somas.


Somatic Writing is a body-centered writing process that will empower and inspire you to live from your wholeness, embody your depth of leadership, and serve your soul purpose.

This program is for writers, leaders, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, therapists, teachers, artists, performers, storytellers, or anyone wishing to deepen and liberate their voice, and untether their power to write and publish a memoir.

Live Sessions:

1. Three 90-minute Story Liberation sessions per month plus one 90-minute Narrative Practice session per month. These sessions happen every Tuesday at noon Central Time, U.S. In these sessions you will be supported to drop fully into your body and write from various aspects of yourself to access your personal vein of gold; the deeper, more potent and mystical stories connected to your soul identity. ​

2. A one hour monthly Full Moon Writing Story Circle, the last Sunday of every month at 4:00 p.m. Central Time U.S. 

Story Archaeology Curriculum:

The Four Foundational Tools of the Somatic Writing Process videos, including The Writing Altar, The As Above/So Below Walk, Wisdom Writing, and the Embodied Story Practice.


Beloved Writer,

Do you know without a shadow of a doubt that writing and publishing a book is a profound desire and longing of your soul?


Are you also aware that perhaps you’re not quite ready to begin?


Not because of a problematic mindset issue, but rather because you are either lacking a consistent writing process or deal with unprocessed trauma that has prevented you from fully accessing your authentic voice. 


I created Story Archaeology to serve as the jumping off point for finding your authentic, perhaps even hidden voice, in a supportive format so that you can come to know your deepest truths in a new way, learning new stories about yourself and the story of your ancestors, supports, and guides each week. 

While this lab is foundational for publishing in memoir and hybrid nonfiction, it is widely utilitarian in scope and each session is designed to be experienced as a soulful inner journey.

WRING THE WILD MYSTIC IMAGE simon-berger-5usMLHC0pwo-unsplash copy.jpg

In this weekly live writing lab, you will learn:

  • How to access stored narratives to write from your body

  • Writing with Ancestors - bloodlines and creative/artistic ancestors

  • How to access Storylines and Songlines through your connection to the land

  • Writing into and through grief and trauma safely

  • Exploring provocative topics like untangling stubborn karmic knots

  • Writing into pleasure and the erotic

  • Liberating and expanding your writer’s voice

  • Untethering your power and growing your confidence to speak and write your deepest truths.

The environment is intense yet gentle, with room to explore stories that you’ve been longing to write all of your life haven't yet had the space to do it.

I love carving out a weekly space to reflect and share space with a community of creatives. So much of the work that Tanya brings into the Story Archeology sessions is work that aligns with work that I do in other spaces — but with a writing twist. Her trauma-informed and somatic approach is work that is profoundly connective, even if what you're connecting to is the lack of connection (or numbness) you feel.  Tanya is a masterful facilitator!  


I love the structure that she brings — her guided visualizations, the way she threads in spiritual wisdom with trauma-informed writing, and her gentle encouragement to go deep and not be afraid of what emerges. This approach integrated key lessons around my writing and creative self: to practice self-compassion around wherever I am at in my writing process; to bring a sense of pleasure and discovery to my writing; to trust in the support and wisdom that my body, my ancestors, and the earth herself gifts me with when I am still enough to listen; and to sense into the story I have created around my story and how that can be revised and re-envisioned.

Yael Flusberg
Yoga Therapist and Resilience Coach


Tanya’s Story Archaeology program has helped me uncover poetry and myths in my body, relationships, lineage, and soul that I had no idea were there. Each week I get to craft new narratives and rewrite/compost old ones, in turn penning personal stories that are empowering, mystical, healing, and full of life. This process has helped me develop and remain connected to my essence as a writer and as a woman.

Sara Vos

Creative Director at
Vos Holistic Services

"Tanya holds a sacred and vital space where others can come more fully alive. Her writing processes are profound and spiritual. They access not only the root stories of our lives, but also uncover and reclaim visions and dreams we may have long forgotten or lost. Tanya builds community and welcomes the uniqueness of each of our voices."

Teresa Whitaker

Storyteller & Songwriter,
Finding Home Productions

Tanya is a soul priestess, initiating us to the task of becoming whole by reclaiming both our brokenness and our strengths.  Through writing we dig through the rubble of our interior landscapes in search of our true Self, our own Holy Grail.  On this quest we find lost treasures, hidden strengths, unfaced fears, painful memories and moments of grace. A deeper story emerges; our consciousness widens.  We show up again and again to more fully comprehend the mystery,  miracle, and purpose of our life’s journey.

Zoe Ann Gerhart
Former high school Teacher & Counselor, retired marriage & family therapist, crone in-training

Story Archaeology has helped me access the greatest teacher of all: my own body. Whenever I feel stuck or confused I now have a structure to easily access the wisdom within.

Michelle WolfStory

Human Design Specialist and Creator of Forest Reiki ™

There is a cumulative magic to engaging with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein's Story Archeology group.  It’s a committed practice that results in an unpredictable but steady flow of writing and resulting insights.  The kinds of things I get in touch with, deriving from the writing we do in our sessions, produce deep layers of material, and things happen during the week that I attribute to the work we’re doing.

Celia Owens

Writer, Artist, Caregiver  

My connection with Tanya comes in a breath of space where I am going deep into my own wholeness. With the thread of my heart's desire growing in vibrant color, texture and awareness,Tanya's approach to facilitating a sacred space for  writing into experiences is divine perfection.  Tapping into the stories I bring with this level of support is a vital part of my healing process. I am thankful and inspired by Tanya and her team at Somatic Writing.

Teresa Geoghegan Brown

LMT, Subtle Energy Explorer, Shamanic Journey Guide, PSYCH-K® Facilitator



12-Month commitment: $1,132 paid in full or $111 per month with the 12-month commitment

Want a Test Run? Try a 3-month commitment $495 paid in full

Should you choose to, whatever plan you select can be prorated and credited towards Memoir Lab enrollment.

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