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“Tanya saved my life, by helping me to reclaim my creative soul. She is incredibly gifted at giving constructive critique and practical help. I had never written anything, but with Tanya’s direction, I wrote my first solo show, which is now in pre-production.”

- Dana Williams

Writer and Solo Show Performer,

Standing on the Gone Side of Leaving

“Working with Tanya is a masterclass in not only the solo performance process, but in learning to trust your voice. Our stories are important and needed, and Tanya’s passion for those stories is a gift to the world.”

- Denise Hinson

“How could I ever do a solo show? Alone, I couldn’t. With Tanya, I could. She guided me each step of the way, often my not even realizing what steps we were taking. Her experience makes the process smooth and effective. Her heart makes it meaningful. She brings you beyond where you meant to go and where you thought you could go. Eventually, you revel in finding yourself going beyond even that.”

- Maria Fadiman

Scientist, Professor, and Solo Performer

Artist, healer,


Tanya creates safe, generative spaces for stories to be born and burst with life.”

- Marsha Pincus

Award winning English teacher,

Artist and Solo Performer

“I highly recommend Tanya if you are serious about creating a one-person show. Whatever is standing in your way can easily be overcome with Tanya's guidance and talent. Even good writers require the trained eye of an expert. Tanya’s expertise will help you move from idea to reality.”

- Ann Marie Houghtailing

Solo Performer, Two time TEDx Speaker and Brand Story Consultant

“More than a coach, Tanya is able to hear the stories in you that are still untold. Part Shaman, part producer, Tanya challenges you to dive to the deepest places within and supports you in finding the bravery needed to share what you have found there. If you work with Tanya, get ready for a transformation, because that’s really what she helps you to do.”

- Cynthia K. Holloway

“Without Tanya’s support I would never have been able to finish a script. It’s as simple as that. She inspired me to show up and do my writing. Writing is challenging. Writing a one person show is particularly testing. Every bit of support, inspiration, guidance is worth (story)gold. A thousand thank you’s.”

- Roberta Fox

“Working with Tanya has opened a whole new opportunity to express my passions. The Story Healer process has allowed me to connect with audiences in a deeper way. Rather than using a traditional lecture format that talks at people rather than to people, the Story Healer process helps engage audiences create meaning and memorable connections. This inspires them to make the world a better place. After a performance, individuals and audiences are changed and they'll never look at themselves or the storytellers in the same way again.”

- LaDonna Redmond

Food Justice Consultant, Two-time TEDx Speaker 

“Every artist needs a mentor to help take her to the next level - Tanya is that for me. Tanya's a master storyteller, dramaturge, writing coach, business coach and life coach all in one! Tanya is a virtuoso of her craft and I will always turn to her whenever I'm in need of a brilliant sounding board or generous collaborator. I love you Tanya!”

- Eva Devirgilis

Actor, Award Winning Solo Performer,

TEDx Speaker

“Tanya is a master magician. She has a gift for coaxing essential stories from a writer’s backpack of possibilities. Her ways are subtle, but supportive as she makes it safe for storytellers to recognize their deepest truths. She then helps those narratives rise and take shape. Tanya is like a flute player who invites your stories to uncoil and dance in a haunting rhythm. She helps you recognize your most intriguing threads, then guides you in weaving a tapestry from your life.”

- Dorothy Fadiman

Writer and Solo Performer, Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker

“Working with Tanya is setting forth on a journey—some of it familiar, and some of it quite unexpected, even startling. Throughout it all, Tanya listens with her heart, and in doing so, provides a very safe and sacred space where that voice—so long silent—finds its own strength and power. I would never have believed that it would be as transformative of an experience as it was. That, and a pant load of fun!” 

- Basile Vallas

Solo Performer "Witness To Dreams.”

“One of Tanya’s gifts is she made me feel safe and supported at the same time she was pushing me to go deeper, to better understand the hidden meaning behind the story that’s unfolding, and to find the courage to put in the scenes that felt too scary to share. The experience was joyful, uncomfortable, hard work and hugely illuminating.”

- Malcolm Smith

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