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Courtney Reed-Marsh

Somatic Story Coach

Trained as a fiction writer, with a deep love of myth and a publishing industry background in personal story-based nonfiction, I thrive in the liminal spaces where well honed craft comes together with image and metaphor, lived experience and collective knowing to bring great storytelling to life.


As a coach and developmental editor, I approach wordcraft—especially with personal story material—as a kind of spell work, combining the elements of everyday reality with intention to reveal new and powerful truths. Drawing on my collaborative experience with literary agents, big name publishers, small presses, and self-publishing authors alike, I work synergistically with writers who are already gifted at storytelling but need the right support to reach their true literary potential.


My people are the outsiders—the subversives and visionaries, queers and witches, anyone brave enough to look deeply into whatever it is that makes them different and allow the poetry and potency of their personal story to be laid bare on the page as an offering to the world. I’ll offer live and written feedback on your drafted material to uncover the shimmering threads, resonant metaphors, and authentic writer’s voice that elevate your story and showcase your book’s unique beauty and relevance within the wider cultural landscape.

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