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The Unmasked Writer

Free Masterclass Access

Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 7pm CT

The Unmasked Writer: Liberate Your Voice and Untether Your Power with Somatic Intelligence and Deep Ancestral Memory

Somatic Writing Founder, 

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein.

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The Somatic
Writing Circle

The Somatic Writing Circle is an intimate writing experience. It's a space to be seen, witnessed and to engage deeply. If you are planning on attending, please set up in a quite place, with your Zoom camera on. Bring pen and paper so you can write by hand.

The process of Somatic Writing is a gift that will help you find the deepest truth, then hold your feet to the fire until you tell it to the best of your ability.


Being in the Somatic Writing group takes the isolation out of being a writer and also out of the past I’m writing about, in which I had felt so alone.


It helped me find the voice I lost as a child and gave it the space to develop now. 

~ Diana Lightmoon,

Psychotherapist & Writer 

The Somatic Writing process is at once gentle and challenging. I have faith that it can coax out the real story that wants to be told.


Tanya understands how we stop ourselves and how to bypass those obstacles.


I've come to understand that the story doesn't have to be about "How I Became a Perfected Being;" it can be about the angst and doubt and messiness of who we really are.

Juliet Calabi,


“I have been coached and trained by over 50 writers across the world, some with huge international recognition, and not one has ever opened me to myself the way Tanya does. Tanya is a powerful guide through the chaotic and often painful journey of writing and discovery.


If you've decided to write directly toward the truth no matter where it goes and you've found it challenging, lonely or scary... this is the answer. If you are a writer or aspiring to be, and you want a safe and powerful container to find your voice in writing, I can't recommend Tanya enough.”

Andrya Allen,

Founder of Vox Verba & Writer

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