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Untether Your Voice And Embody Your Leadership
In An Enchanted Literary Community

 One Year to Immerse Yourself in the Deep River of Story and Prepare to Write Your Book

Do You Feel It…?

That pull toward memory and the subtle poetry of your own lived experience.


The desire to uncover what’s been hidden and say the things that have gone unspoken for years, maybe even generations.


To dig beneath the surface layers of family canon, well-mannered self erasure, and calcified trauma to excavate new meaning from the material of your own stories.


Is the voice inside that knows you are a writer—that calls you into the depths and whispers that there is something important for you to discover here—getting louder? 


Is it finally more urgent, more convincing, more insistent than even your doubts and fears?

If you’re anything like most of the members of Somatic Writing, you’re highly gifted. 

You’re a life long natural leader, healer, storyteller, teacher, artist, performer, or mystic.  
And you’ve likely always secretly dreamed of being a writer…but the perfectionism and attention to detail that have gotten you far in your professional life have held you back in this aspect of your creative expression.

You’re ready to liberate your voice and untether your power, to write the deeper truth of your experience and learn to craft it into a page turner. 

You’re ready to fully embody your soul’s work, to bring your highest energy into the world through your story. 

You're standing on the brink, ready to move toward being seen in your full power. 

Ready to be known…if only you knew where to begin.

But the truth is that the knowing is already in you. 

The stories are ready for you to bring them into the light. 

And you’ve already called in the container you need to support your process of excavation and re-enchantment.

Welcome to the Liberation Lab.

Writing to Change the Culture

This work isn’t for everyone.


It isn’t about painting your life in a rosy light or shoehorning your story into the Hero’s Journey framework to put yourself up on a pedestal.


It also isn’t about trying to fit your mastery soul work into a one size fits all framework so you can have a book that is no more than a gussied up marketing lead magnet. 


This is soul work which is rooted in the call from your own body as well as from the ancients.


A call back to not only authenticity, but enchantment.


A call back to not only the literary, but the dream world.


This IS your actual starlight path back to your own deepest magic. 

It will reveal itself as you uncover your one of a kind, running through the blood of you, fire and bones story.  


When you get still, you can hear it calling your name. 


Our work at Somatic Writing™ is in service to what lies in the deep, rich, fertile dark, where we can finally shed the niceness we’ve been trained to perform and speak the raw, vulnerable truth.


It is dedicated to looking unflinchingly at patterns of oppression, decolonizing our voices, and stepping into the kind of power that comes from standing in the center of our own stories in a dynamic, intentional relationship with larger cultural narratives.


It’s about getting real and clearing away the detritus of our well-worn personas to get to the magic that lies beneath.


If you’re one of our people, we know that it has probably never felt entirely safe for you to express your genius or unleash your wild, creative soul.


Even with the privileges that come with success, you’ve likely felt marginalized one way or another for your entire life.


Marginalized for your sensitivity, your brilliance, your intuition.

Marginalized for your queerness or your neurodivergence, your inherent otherness in a world oriented toward the status quo.

Marginalized for your fiery heart, expansive vision, and deep empathy.

You always knew you were different. 

You felt more deeply.

You knew things without knowing how you knew them. 

You got consumed by topics that interested you - and you couldn’t stop yourself from going deeper and deeper. 

You felt like you were “too much” for the world - yet “not enough” for what your soul longs to create in this world. 

We see you. We feel you. We are you.

And we also know that there’s a story within you that only you can tell.

A story that is as ancient as time itself, longing to be expressed in a new way. 

A story that truly matters: for the people who need to hear it, for the culture, for the world.

A Creative Crucible


Liberation Lab is more than just a writing group. 


It’s a principled, intentional container for deep transformation. 


For honing the craft of writing while learning to trust your own intuition and creative instincts.


It’s an invitation to be in community with others who are similarly seeking and similarly inspired.


It’s a year to grow into a practice of writing from your deep somatic knowing in relationship with the body, the land, and the ancestors.


It’s a year to untether your power and become more visible by sharing more of your story to center your visionary leadership. 


And it’s a nurturing structure within which to find your own rhythms, pleasure, and potency as a creative person, writer and human.

Register Now!

 $2500.00 Pay in Full or 5 payments of $500.00

moonlight-g267021647_1920 copy.jpg
What You’ll Get

The Somatic Writing™ methodology is very unique in its approach. 


It has been created to support you in accessing not only your richest stories, but the deepest aspects of your soul and your wild power.


You’ll be guided and held in an intentional space for the linear and the nonlinear, the concrete and the liminal, the creative work and the analytical process of crafting your story as an offering to the world. 

It’s all about writing at the speed of your nervous system to liberate the authentic voice and attune you to your own instincts for making meaning.

Deepening Into Practice

In our year together, you’ll be immersed in the rhythms of regular writing and inner transformation through:

  • Story Archaeology sessions (2x/month) to take you into the creative depths and uncover the stories, themes, and metaphors that make up your unique narrative landscape;

  • Art of Storycraft sessions (2x/month) to bring you into engaged relationship with the tools and techniques of writing and introduce exercises for your own experimentation;

  • Full Moon/New Moon Visioning sessions (2x/month) to bring crystal clarity and hold yourself accountable to your goals and intentions using a simple but potent magical technique called the Author’s Black Book;

Bonus Integration Support

Bonus #1

Liberation Coaching (Ask me Anything) sessions with Tanya (1 two- hour session/month) to bring the work you’re doing here into your broader life, allow your message to land with others, and create a culture shifting impact.

Bonus #2

Decolonizing Our Voices sessions (1x/month) to address and begin the work of untangling from internalized supremacy culture within a supportive and principled community container.

Pay-in-Full Bonus

6-week Author Up! Program, which you can access at any time throughout the year. Includes six pre-recorded, 90-minute classes and PDF’s to help you:

  • Set your energetic writing container;

  • Identify key narratives to develop into a book-length memoir or hybrid nonfiction project;

  • Structure an embodied outline to support you in writing all the way through to completion of a first draft;

  • Uncover your true Author Identity and your secret reason for writing the book…which is likely deeper than you consciously know!


“Working in Tanya’s Somatic Writing container has been nothing short of a magical experience. The love, compassion, inclusivity, and integrity that Tanya and her entire team bring to the work and to the students raises the bar for everyone. I’m beyond grateful I was guided to Tanya and have learned and grown in so many ways, both as a writer and as a human.”

Uma Girish

3x Hay House Published Author and Spiritual Mentor for Women


“Life changing! I’ve been working on my book for more than 30 years. I had boxes full of research, sample book proposals, and beginning chapters. But I could never get beyond…I was frozen in my trauma. I’ve learned to write from the trauma held in my body, rather than my fact-telling brain. Tanya and her team are brilliant midwives of memoir as you give birth to your unique story that only you can tell.”

Elan Lambert

Social Worker and Write


“Following the longtime calling to write this memoir has been treacherous as much as it has been magical and transformative. The masterful and intuitive team of The Somatic Memoir Lab were with me every step of the way, offering steady support so that I could bring forth the book I was born to write. I am forever changed. I am forever thankful.”

Jen Peer-Rich

PhD – Author, Speaker, Eco-psycologist


“Somatic Writing has changed the direction of my life. The practices, the community and the team have thawed my frozen insides. Honest storytelling and deep listening to other people's stories have been truly life changing experiences for me. They continue to heal me, undo me, and bring love back in my life in so many ways. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much my cohort, Tanya, Courtney and the entire team of Somatic Writing.”

Shruti Mehta

Writer and Mother


“Somatic writing memoir lab is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Tanya is masterful at creating a nourishing structure that invites me to write from the deep places I’ve longed to connect with but couldn’t access on my own. The experience has far exceeded my expectations and is pure nectar for my soul.”

Mary Suzanne Garvey

Painter and Author 


Tanya and Courtney treated us to some potent alchemical writing practices during the course of Somatic Writing’s Author Up! 2021 Fall series. I didn’t leave this course as the same writer I came in as. I didn’t leave this course the same person I came in as. Meaning, I learned how “writer” and “person” are one and the same. I don’t know of many writing courses out right now that actively work to heal that split. Thank you Tanya and Courtney for the work that you do. May the seeds of these stories flourish and serve the re-enchantment of the whole.” 

Merrit Wuchina


Register Now!

 $2500.00 Pay in Full or 5 payments of $500.00

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