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Mapping Your Memoir: 
A One-Day Workshop to Vision,
Plan and Outline Your Book

with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, founder of Somatic Writing

Friday,  April 30th
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time

Do you have piles of free writes or journals that you're longing to turn into a memoir, with absolutely no idea of how to structure it? 

Have you gone to numerous week-end writers workshops only to feel as overwhelmed as ever when it comes to starting or organizing your book? 

Do you have a partially finished memoir (or two or three) sitting in your laptop that has gone cold because you didn't know how to move it forward?

Are you aware that until you write and publish your own book that your soul will remain at a standstill (and possibly your career, too?)

Do you have an inner directive to write and publish your story, to not only fully land in your own purpose, but as your offering to the shifting landscape of our culture and world?

If you are one of the artists, healers, mystics, visionaries, world changers, and ancient souls who have been called to write the new culture, I am offering this one day writing workshop with you in mind. 
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A One-Day Workshop to Vision, Plan and Outline Your Book
Somatic Writing offers its own cosmology—a process for you to write narratives to liberate your voice, center your purpose in the world, and activate, as well as inspire, your readers.

In this online intensive, we will use my Somatic Writing methodology, both Story Archeology and Story Architecture, to focus on three essential aspects of the work:

Session One: Voice Liberation

In this first part of the workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into the Somatic Writing Story Archeology process to help you identify and uncover the essence of the work you are creating. 

By using a body based methodology: you will write into your heart, gut and liver, vagus nerve, and more to get clear on the essence of the story you are telling. 

This often aligns within your own deeper identity, the story you deeply desire to tell (as opposed to the one you think you “should” tell) as well as the unfolding story you are also living into. 

Session Two: Essential Pre-Work, outlining your “big why,” central metaphor, and one reader

Before you begin a journey of any kind, it’s essential to be able to see not only where you are going, but know why you are traveling to your destination. 

What is the arc of your story? What is the weave of your narrative? These are some of the questions we will explore. 

What do you desire from the experience? Answering the questions at the get go will set you up for completion. 

Session Three: Outlining your Fire and Bone Stories + Identifying your Structure (Fascia Stories)

There are stories you’ve been carrying for a lifetime. At Somatic Writing we identify these as your Fire and Bone stories. These are transformational moments, scenarios that are burned into your soul,  stories that made you who you are. They may or may not be connected to ancestors and the liminal realm. They may or may not involve extreme pleasure or extreme trauma. These stories inform your own cosmology, the way you see the world. 

Fascia is the connective tissue in the body, that underrated organ that literally holds us up. Fascia Stories serve the same purpose in a book. Whether you are drawn to following a three act structure, Heroine’s Journey, a Narrative Braid, Story River or a hybrid form, it’s essential to identify the movement in your form. This is the cinematic aspect of your story that will add suspense, hold it together, keep the story upright and allow your reader to stay engaged. 

If you’re ready for a real structural breakthrough, this workshop may be right for you!

The work lives in service to deep sensitives, empaths, artists and healers who are wired to be the writers of the new global stories. It's you love-soaked world changers who are meant to be the writers and storytellers of future narratives.   
If you're being called to not only step up, but step all the way into the center of your radical, liberated, exiled genius, I offer you my hand.

Love, Tanya

“Tanya has been the ancient midwife of my story. She cradled me, wept with me, sang me through my grief, coaxed my words, and gently guided me to the courage to birth my voice.

She once said to me, ‘I can’t promise you safety here.’ In its place, she supported me in the ultimate radical soul liberation - the telling of my story.”

Melissa Kaplan


“Writing a memoir was a daunting task that I’d put off for years… As soon as our first meeting I felt seen, understood and safe. Tanya walked me through the process so I would be prepared for the journey ahead and kept the pace even when I lost motivation along the way. 

I would recommend Tanya to anyone who feels overwhelmed or afraid of writing their memoir but doesn't want to regret leaving their story untold. Be ready for an experience of a lifetime; be ready to work hard, reach deeper into your story and most of all be ready for the healing and transformative experience of owning your life’s narrative once and for all.” 

Me'Lea Connelly

About Tanya

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein developed Somatic Writing as a way for her students to become embodied writers. By holistically retrieving voice, untethering power and writing stories, they are able to experience profound personal connection to their work. 


By writing and publishing their memoirs and performing their solo shows they become positioned as leaders to evolve the culture. 


The Somatic Writing process and practice is the thirty year synthesis of her work as a narrative based master teacher.


She has worked with well over a thousand people over the last twenty one years to write memoirs, monologues and solo shows.