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Somatic Writing’s Annual New Year's Retreat!

Unmasked 2023: Story as Weaving, Story as Wealth 
A New Year’s Retreat to prepare you to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book in 2023

January 7 and 8, 2023

12:00 noon- 4:30 p.m CST (U.S.) Saturday and Sunday

Beloved Writer,

A brand new year is upon us, and I want to ask you a question: 

On New Year's 2021, did you promise yourself that 2022 would be the year you’d finally write your book?
Did it happen?

If it didn’t, that’s normal.

Are you willing to start again, and make 2023 the year where you do things differently? 

If you're like most of my students, you're likely to be highly gifted, a natural storyteller, mystic, artist, somatic therapist, master teacher, healer or witch with a bit of an outsider's heart, no matter what your formal work in the world is. 

You know you're a leader and that your story is calling you, louder and more relentlessly, to make itself known at this time. 

This is about embodying your soul's work, and stepping into your highest calling in the world, which has been prevented because you haven't written and published your book yet. 

Likely, last year wasn't the only year that you broke your promise to your book (and yourself). 

While you're an alchemist and know your ability to manifest and make magic, you haven't been able to break through the writing resistance on your own, and sticking with your commitment to this book has clearly been a problem. 

When you're honest with yourself, you know why. 

There's some terror around letting go of the last vestiges of your ego and sharing your real story publicly. 

You're aware that once your book is published, you'll be seen exactly for who you are down into your core.

And when you write a deep book, a true book, a book where you actually speak from a place of your power, which includes your deep vulnerability, your entire life will change. 

This knowledge both thrills and terrifies you – and with that inner battle going on, another year slips by without a book to show for it. 

What if you could change that?

What if you could step into 2023 creating clarity about your writing, about this and that?

What if you could get the energetic and magical support from the beginning of the year to set yourself up for what you're created to do? 

On the first weekend of the new year,  January 7th and 8th, I will be leading a magical writer's retreat meant to help you liberate your voice, set up the energetics for your writing container, overcome resistance, and begin to map out your story.

This will be the sixth year in a row that I’ve started the year leading a writer's retreat. 

Additionally, this year, for the first time ever, I’m adding a component to the retreat called
Story Wealth

If you want to learn how to grow your online author’s presence, as well as a literary or business presence, it’s essential that you know how to market, by sharing pieces of your authentic story. 

These are powerful times of coming together to set strong intentions, generate magic, and allow you to begin to step into a truly embodied plan for writing your story in the new year.


Day One: Unmask Your Power, Weave Your Story

  • Day One will take you into the heart of the Somatic Writing process to address lingering issues related to voice, worthiness, desire and lifelong “intractable knots” you carry  which may be preventing you from expressing your deepest, most intimate stories. 

  • We'll spend time doing magical soul retrieval work related to your writing, calling back aspects of yourself through connection to ancestors, the elements, your body, the land, and magical timelines to allow you to untether your power and more fully liberate your voice. 

  • Later in the afternoon of day one, we’ll dive into the process of narrative braiding- story weaving. 

  • We’ll discuss and practice braiding two to three different narrative threads together, part of the craft of writing a longer narrative of any kind.  

Day Two: Story Wealth 

  • Without knowing how to become publicly visible, share pieces of your story and process, it’s extremely difficult (if not downright impossible) to get a book deal, attract speaking engagements, and leverage your book to step into greater leadership and financial abundance.

  • In this Story Wealth session, Tanya will share with you her own two decades-long process of growing a story centered “unbrand”, learning to authentically market her book, her creative processes and share her own intimate stories.  

  • Today, she runs a multiple six figure book and business program with one of the most dynamic creative teams in the online business world. 

  • There will be opportunities to write and share, sacred circle style, at several points throughout the week-end.  

  • Lastly we will cover a magical practice for writing, accountability, and creating a more empowered author’s identity using a black book and the moon cycle to support you. 

  • Wherever you’re at in your author’s journey, this retreat is sure to activate your fire and allow you to jump into a generative new year! 

Unmasked 2023: Story as Weaving, Story as Wealth 

January 7 & 8, 2023
12:00 noon- 4:30 p.m CST (U.S.) Saturday and Sunday 
Price: $99

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Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, founder of Somatic Writing, has been a story mentor for the last 25 years. Starting off as an award-winning actor and solo performer, in 2002 she published her book on her methodology, The Cancer Monologue Project, to establish herself as one of the most globally-recognized personal narrative, story and writing coaches.


Since then, she has trained scores of other story coaches and helped over 1,000 people write and publish memoirs, write and perform one person shows, and share their stories as therapeutic, transformational monologues on stages.

The Somatic Writing process is an integration of her mastery in the fields of story, embodiment, and healing. Somatic Writing culminates in profoundly impactful, ethical, and evolutionary leadership.

Courtney Reed-Marsh, trained as a fiction writer, with a deep love of myth and a publishing industry background in personal story-based nonfiction, I thrive in the liminal spaces where well honed craft comes together with image and metaphor, lived experience and collective knowing to bring great storytelling to life.


As a coach and developmental editor, I approach wordcraft—especially with personal story material—as a kind of spell work, combining the elements of everyday reality with intention to reveal new and powerful truths. Drawing on my collaborative experience with literary agents, big name publishers, small presses, and self-publishing authors alike, I work synergistically with writers who are already gifted at storytelling but need the right support to reach their true literary potential.

My people are the outsiders—the subversives and visionaries, queers and witches, anyone brave enough to look deeply into whatever it is that makes them different and allow the poetry and potency of their personal story to be laid bare on the page as an offering to the world. I’ll offer live and written feedback on your drafted material to uncover the shimmering threads, resonant metaphors, and authentic writer’s voice that elevate your story and showcase your book’s unique beauty and relevance within the wider cultural landscape.

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