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Write Purpose 2021:
Release and Transmute the Energy of 2020 + Vision and Write Into Your 2021 Story

Writing Retreat with Tanya
January 2nd & 3rd

Dear Friend, 


2020 has been a year like no other for each one of us.  


While I was being transported by ambulance on March 12, 2020 from my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico to a hospital, for the very first time in my life, I was notified by Spirit that I was going to have to let go of everything that was standing in the way of me living out my full destiny.


My husband Cid was driving from Nashville and Santa Fe when I collapsed alone at home. The night before he had played a gig at the famed Bluebird Café, which turned out to be their last live show before they closed due to the pandemic.  

The reason I ended up in the hospital was because I fainted from a panic attack of epic proportions after I awakened from a dream where I was shown a glimpse of what was to unfold collectively this year. When I came to, I called Cid who was outside of Oklahoma City at the time, and an ambulance. My heart was beating so fast and I couldn't get to my feet. I was certain that I was dying.


The old "me" did die that night. 


I believe it happened when I made eye contact with one of the first hospitalized COVID patients in Santa Fe. My friend, a former nurse, had told me a few days before that there were four cases at the hospital, knowledge that hadn't been made public. One of them ended up being wheeled on a gurney right in front of me by a fully masked attendant wearing a space type suit. The patient was hooked up to a ventilator, masked and wearing goggles, but I could see his soft brown eyes behind them, filled with terror as he went by my own cubicle inside the ER. 


Later that night, when, in an unfamiliar, sterile hospital room, I couldn’t fall asleep, I began assimilating what happened to me, and I knew that each of us who carry any kind of gift in service to the greater good were going to not only have to step up fully, but "come out" and speak publically into and past any shame, conditioning, abuse, suppression and wisdom. 


I knew more than ever (and I've been a writing mentor and story coach professionally for twenty years) that there was no more avoidance for standing it in it all—the gorgeous sublime catastrophe of being human. 


For me, this has meant, not only standing in the role of being a memoir and solo performance coach, but owning that the reason people get radical, quantum 

results with me is because I've been a closeted ancestral medium and liberation artist for my entire life.  


I'm a practicing witch, astrology junkie, tarot aficionado, and have been for over two decades. I'm from an extremely matriarchal lineage. My mother is extremely psychic, as was my grandmother. But as women of a certain background, the messaging was strong to keep all of these things on the down low.  


The conditioning of suppression was so heavy on me as a queer woman, that I was almost fifty before I fully came out about not only my sexuality, but about my gifts.


To this day, it's easier for me to speak about the numerous oppressions of the world than about my own pain and trauma. This is the bind, the ultimate silencing tool for many women, especially if we are empaths, artists and liberators by nature. We may end up in a double bind. Because we know intimately the misuse and abuse of power, we become afraid to fully take our own. I remember distinctly when I shut down my voice publically about my own true identity, which is much bigger than my ego wanted it to be and necessary to not only my personal self, but for the liberation of all beings.


Do you know this to be true for you as well?


Perhaps, in 2020 you too have been questioning everything. Perhaps you have been shaken to your core as the new you has begun to expand out of the confines of comfort and convention. Perhaps you were already deeply on this path, but the call has become so much more urgent for you to get your voice into the world in a quantum way.


The call is infinitely huge, yet extremely intimate. 

Were you, like me, taken to your knees in radical surrender, not just once but over and over?  

Have you been shaken to your core, challenged in your beliefs and loyalties, and deconstructed this year?

Are you resolved to step into 2021 and make it your year, when you fully liberate your voice and untether your power to center your purpose?  Are you ready to dig down deep to write your own story to shift not only your own life, but the culture?

The 2020-2021 portal is not just moving from one year to another. 
It's moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. It's moving from 5,000 years of patriarchy into the return of the Divine Feminine. And the Divine Feminine is not acting on her own—she brings an integration of sacred creative feminine energies with sacred masculine energies. 

I feel grateful for 2020. Deeply and profoundly grateful. 
I’m grateful to have had the time to reflect and reevaluate, what is true and what needs to be digested and transmuted into something more. 


If you, too, have been shaken to your core this year and want an opportunity to reflect, release, and integrate your lessons from this once-in-a-lifetime year, then our retreat, Write Purpose 2021: Release and Transmute the Energy of 2020 + Vision and Write Into Your 2021 Story, may be right for you.

If you want to bring your focus and vision into a deeper congruency with your soul…

If you want to set your intentions for 2021 powerfully…

If you want to connect with your ancestral stories, and the stories of your body…

If you want to write yourself into a new future that you’ve never imagined before...

If you want to release the lessons, difficulties, challenges of 2020…

If you want to re-vision your writing life, your financial life, and your service to the world…

If you said YES to any, or all of these, then our unique two-day intimate retreat is the perfect way to start your creative New Year! 


Write Purpose 2021: Release and Transmute the Energy of 2020 + Vision and Write Into Your 2021 Story

Day 1: 

  • Enter into a safe, sacred, quantum space with ritual, intention setting and ceremony.

  • Soul Audit—a review of the challenges and lessons of 2020, and the integration from 2020 into 2021 that personally corresponds to your energy and life purpose.

  • Experiential exercises to align with your mind, body, heart, and spirit to help you move into the new creative direction calling to you.

  • Calling in The Wild Mystic: a way to receive inspiration, alignment and planning support for your purpose in 2021.

  • Connect with your ancestors for direction and support.

  • Intimate story circles; writing, sharing, deep connection, reflection, and community to honor 2020, before it passes into 2021, and the New Story.

Day 2:

  • Story Braid Mapping 2021: Three strands of your life/creative path where you want to focus your energy in the New Year.

  • Activating your 2021 writing: Mapping out an action plan that serves as a writing compass, as well as inspiration for the New Year. Engaging with active imagination will help evoke soul expression and direction.

  • End the day sacred community prayers and celebration, including visioning the new global stories that we will live into.

For the sake of intimacy, this group will be limited to 50 participants. 


The retreat will be led by Tanya, along with Kerri Van Kirk and Debra Rosenman, two of her Somatic Writing story facilitators. 


Cost per person for the 2-day retreat: $95


I do hope you will join me on this retreat. I designed these two days so you could have an opportunity to enter into a sacred connection with your body, the soul body of your ancestors, and the wild mystics of your world. Along with teachings and some instructional activities, you will leave this retreat with clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, and a blueprint to follow during the year. 


With Love,