Sara Vos.png

Sara Vos

Somatic Writing Staff Editor + Creative Content Strategist

Sara is a writer, editor, healer, and deep listener who enjoys pulling the threads from the liminal to weave tapestries of new life + healing for clients and companions.  She is a creative mystic, student of life, and integrative healer on a devotional path of the Divine Feminine, supported by Taoist principles and practices.  Spirituality is the bedrock of her writing, editing, and strategic work in content creation.

She’s been a Disciple of Taoist master Master Daniel Kim at SUN SHEN School of Spiritual Development since 2015 (in the path of the Healer and the path of the Sage), and is a current member of the SUN SHEN Event Team.  In addition to Master Kim, Sara counts the SUN SHEN senior students; Amanda Becker and Wildway Healing; Dr. Jeanine Staples and The Supreme Love Project; and, of course, Tanya as her current teachers and role models in holistic wellness, creativity, and liberated self-expression.

Some of Sara’s former teachers are: women’s sacred mysteries, shamanic initiatory practices, and cultural regeneration with ShuNahSii Rose and Sierra Hillebrand, of True Earth (formerly In Sacred Balance); sacred sexuality with Leslie Blackburn, of Mystery School of the Temple Arts; Usui Reiki with Paula Terrero, of Sacred Spring Reiki Collective; dance meditation + community catharsis with Michael Peters, of Dance Meditation Technique; as well as a foundational background in 12 step work.