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Sara Vos

Somatic Writing Staff Editor + Creative Content Strategist

Sara is a writer, editor, healer, and deep listener who enjoys pulling the threads from the liminal to weave tapestries of new life.  She is a creative mystic, student-teacher, and integrative healer on a devotional path of the Divine Feminine, supported by Taoist principles and practices.  Spirituality is the bedrock of her writing, editing, and strategic work in content creation.

With a BA in English from University of Michigan, her training is in writing and editing at University of Michigan, Oakland Community College, and for southeastern Michigan’s longest-running consciousness magazine, The Crazy Wisdom Journal.  She also serves as Summit Lead for Dr. Jeanine Staples’ Supreme Love Project, interviewing thought leaders and luminaries for annual global telesummits, and as a disciple of Taoist spiritual teacher and founder of SUN SHEN School of Spiritual Development, Master Kim.

Sara’s background in event planning and facilitation includes annual workshops, retreats, and community events at SUN SHEN and as a certified Dance Meditation Technique facilitator.

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