Liberate Your Voice. Write Your Story. Untether Your Power.

Story Archaeology: The Somatic Story Lab


Whether you have a dream of writing and publishing a book, becoming more confident in your leadership, or expressing your intuitive and empathetic gifts, this lab may be for you.

The Somatic Story Lab helps you develop an embodied writing practice that matches your depths and serves your soul (& soul purpose.)

Just like the land has layers of sediment that tell a story, our bodies-energetic, physical and spiritual - hold aspects of our story. The Somatic Writing process uses all the aspects of our embodied intelligence to retrieve our story, on every level. 


When we retrieve our story through writing, speaking and sharing, we free our voices and untether our power from the institutions, people, and beliefs that have made us smaller. As we write into our vastness and liberate ourselves from fear and shame, we become transmitters of powerful truth with the ability to shift hearts, minds and culture. 


Somatic Writing is a consciousness-first process that empowers and inspires you to live from your wholeness, embody your depth of leadership, and serve your soul purpose, for yourself and the collective.


This program is for healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, therapists, teachers, leaders, artists, performers, storytellers, writers, or anyone wishing to deepen and liberate their voice, write their story, and untether their power.

This program is intended to serve women and gender non-conforming or non-binary people assigned female at birth. To be clear, we include trans women in the term "women". We also invite conscious men and male-identifying folks from the Somatic Memoir Lab to join the sessions. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Live Sessions:

1.  Three 90-minute Story Liberation calls with Tanya per month. In these sessions you move beyond the ego and mind and write from various aspects of yourself to attain the deeper, more potent and mystical stories, as Tanya moves you into each month’s curriculum, covering writing the body, writing the ancestors, and writing the wild mystic. 

2.  Monthly Global Story Circle. Once a month, we all gather together for a story sharing circle on Sunday late afternoon. Bring something you’ve written that month you want to share and be witnessed in. You will be able to share during at least one of these circles.

Story Archaeology Curriculum:

1.  The Four Foundational Tools of the Somatic Writing Process Videos, including The Writing Altar, The As Above/So Below Walk, Wisdom Writing and the Embodied Story Practice.

2.  Story Worthiness. Videos speaking to the common issues that come up when writing. Worthiness. Power. Decisiveness. Fear of Persecution & Pushback. Standing in Your Leadership.

Program is enrolling now!

Story Liberation Calls with Tanya:

Tuesdays at 12pm Central Time (3x/month).


Choose either:

  • $399 for three months

  • $999 for one year (or $99 a month automatic payment plan)
    Free to all Memoir Lab Students


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