Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Founder & Director

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein developed Somatic Writing as a way for her students to become embodied writers. By holistically retrieving voice, untethering power and writing stories, they are able experience profound personal connection to their work.

Courtney Reed-Marsh

Somatic Story Coach

Trained as a fiction writer, with a deep love of myth and a publishing industry background in personal story-based nonfiction, I thrive in the liminal spaces where well honed craft comes together with image and metaphor, lived experience and collective knowing to bring great storytelling to life.

Debra Rosenman

Somatic Story Coach

Debra Rosenman published her multi-award winning book, The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope from Behind the Bars, June 16, 2020. Her book has been praised by Jane Goodall as “an important book that will inspire all who read it to do their bit to improve the lives of the animals with whom we share, or should share, our planet.”

Cooper Lee.png

Cooper Lee Bombardier

Somatic Writing Coach - Creative Team

Cooper Lee Bombardier is a queer, trans writer and visual artist from the South Shore of Boston. He has been a construction worker, a cook, a carpenter, a union stagehand, a bouncer, a welder, a shop steward, a dishwasher, a truck driver, and a housepainter, among other things, for a paycheck. 


Maggie Duval

Somatic Writing Coach/Director of Communication

A writer from a young age of stories, poems, and essays on nature and magic, her dream when she grew up was to be Merlin from T.H. White’s The Once and Future King, a spider dangling from her wizard’s hat, a raven on her shoulder, scratching words upon vellum with ink and quill. Her happy place was imagined as in a turret, surrounded by thousands of books and cats scattered about, an alembic and other equipment from her alchemical experiments taking up any leftover space in the dusty chamber.


Kerri Van Kirk

Somatic Writing Coach - Creative Team

Kerri Van Kirk is a guide for writers, creators, leaders and artists on the path of embodying their wholeness, harmony and radiance through their work in the world.


Hazel Ann Olaguivel

Marketing Specialist  - Operations Team

Hazel Ann Olaguivel is a tech-savvy virtual assistant who helps overwhelmed creative and soul-driven entrepreneurs grow their business by taking care of their online marketing systems.

Nicole Barham headshot.jpg

Nicole Barham


Nicole Barham is a Finance Coach who helps entrepreneurs stay on top of their day-to-day finances through finance tracking and budgeting.