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Judy Herzl

Somatic Story Coach

Judy Herzl met the writer Terry Tempest Williams at a Nature Writer’s Conference in Taos and in 1989 they created The Myth of the Feminine, an immersive retreat which took place during the summer solstice. The role of the feminine was explored through a remarkable cohort of writers, artists, poets, and dancers — each in their own creative practice informed by a spiritual tradition.


This overlay between the creative and the spiritual form the foundation of her inquiry and work. She is thinking partner, collaborator, and mentor for creatives and is passionate about supporting her clients to claim their scope of work, to listen deeply into a felt sense of knowing, and to be able to see themselves as the medicine they truly are. An award-winning photographer, writer, and mother, Judy works with collective story as a tool for self-awareness and reflection.


Trained as a visual artist/photographer at the Boston Museum School, Judy’s first professional stint was photographing punk luminaries such as Johnny Rotten, Iggy Pop and U2 among others. Reconciling the angst and nihilism of the rock and roll world with the spacious curiosity of her Buddhist practice ultimately brought her into an embrace of paradox as an anchor for life.


Judy is a student of astrology and uses it as a tool to meet her clients elementally. Deeply intuitive, Judy is unapologetically at home in the underworld and has sometimes called herself the river Styx Ferrywoman, helping her clients cross the border of visibility and self-accountability as they bring their projects out into the world. Drawing upon years of marketing and book design, as well as systems thinking, Judy is an innate pollinator creating ecosystems of connection and insight for her clients.

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