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Are you an artist, writer, mystic, therapist, or somatic practitioner who is ready to write a book to step into emergent leadership? If so, Somatic Writing was made just for you. 


Every culture is only as vital as its dominant myths.

It’s time to write new ones.

Your Soul Has Been Longing to Write a Memoir

The Somatic Memoir Lab is here to help you finally write it.



Go from struggling, blocked writer, to successful, published author.

Liberate Your Voice, Write Your Book, & Publish to Untether Your Power.

Dear Visionary,

I see you. 

    You’re a global change agent.


        An activist.


            A healer. 

A leader for these complex times. 
In your soul
(even if it’s a secret identity) you’re also a poet, a mystic, a storyteller. 

Everything that made you an outsider in the dying culture has prepared you to be a leader in this portal into a new world.

At Somatic Writing, we work with people who know that writing and publishing their memoir is part of their soul path and life purpose.  

Our unique methodology accesses and activates aspects of ourselves that have been familially and culturally exiled. Our process supports the liberation of your voice and the untethering of your power. 


Somatic Writing programs bring you into a liminal space where you retrieve unspoken stories and marginalized parts of self. This is a consciousness first process that empowers and inspires you to write a book that integrates your past and infuses you with the confidence to not only write, but live, from an expanded identity.

Whatever your journey has been so far, you’re ready to write from a place of deeper embodied aliveness and your own conscious beingness. If you’re going to embark upon the enormous life task of writing and publishing a book, you only want to do it if the process and outcome can meet your standards.

There are loads of “author programs” that will help you in the quest of simply “finishing your book.” 

This is not one of them. 

This is a space of radical openness, creativity, improvisation, and intimacy

This is a space to connect with other depth based creatives.

If you’re excited about the prospect of liberating your voice and untethering your power to write and publish a story to shift personal and collective narratives on a global scale, I offer you my hand. 

Love, Tanya

Tanya Taylor-Rubinstein's 2023 Shift Network Interview

This interview is part of the Ancestral Healing Summit a free online event. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


Write and Publish your Memoir.

Liberate your Voice.

Untether your Power.

I have been coached and trained by over 50 writers across the world, some with huge international recognition, and not one has ever opened me to myself the way the Somatic Writing process does. Tanya is a powerful guide through the chaotic and often painful journey of writing and discovery. If you've decided to write directly toward the truth no matter where it goes and you've found it challenging, lonely or scary... this is the answer. If you are a writer or aspiring to be, and you want a safe and powerful container to find your voice in writing, I can't recommend Somatic Writing enough.

Andrya Allen

Founder of Vox Verba & Writer


"To say that Somatic Writing with Tanya Rubinstein changed my life for the absolute better would be an understatement and I feel like I’ve only just begun. The support and connection I felt in class allowed me to write the cavernous depths of my story with guts and great pleasure. There were tears but also lots of laughter.  Being a graduate of a somatic therapy practice in 2018, I was familiar with body-based psychotherapy but for this model to be used as a conduit for a creative writing practice, it turned out to be just what I needed to dive all the way into my stories and allow myself to get all the way wet with feeling. It was not without stalls and resistance, however, the soft holding done by Tanya to keep going propelled me to continue and finish my first draft even after the class had officially ended. I am happy to say that I am now signed to a literary agency in New York City and am scheduled to go out to publishers early 2024. Above all, I have written a book and can now say that I’m a literary writer which ain’t too shabby".

Haneefah Wood, Actor, Writer, Somatic Therapist

Somatic Writing's process is like nothing else I've encountered in any writing sphere. Tanya once said to me, "I can’t promise you safety here."


In its place, I was supported in the ultimate radical soul liberation: the telling of my story. 

Melissa Kaplan

Author & Somatic Therapist 

So many unexpected gains from my work with Somatic Writing – so much to thank you for. The steady support all year, encouragement, view-from-without, and inspiration, all made writing my book finally possible. I have learned so much about myself, have become a better writer, and have embraced parts of myself I did not even see until I started working with you, and practicing somatic writing with others online. I am eternally grateful!

Stacey Kerr

MD, Author

The Somatic Writing Lab has been an amazing experience on many levels. I don’t think I fully comprehended what I was getting into when I signed up–other than the distant possibility of a first draft of my memoir. But for me this class has been so much more. No matter what the focus of your story, it is woven from all aspects of your life.  Likewise, the illumination and liberation that Somatic Writing process provides has carried over well beyond the writing of my memoir.  If you yearn to really tap into your creativity and explore the deepest depths of your possibilities, consider this class. If you are ready to take a leap of faith, then I suggest you consider jumping into this! I recommend it without hesitation!

Alicia M. Nemec,

Retired Commander, U.S. Navy, Attorney, Farmer, Writer   

Following the longtime calling to write this memoir has been treacherous as much as it has been magical and transformative. The masterful and intuitive Somatic Writing team were with me every step of the way, offering steady support so that I could bring forth the book I was born to write. I am forever changed. I am forever thankful.

Jen Peer Rich

PhD- Author, Speaker, Eco-psycologist

The Somatic Writing program is one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Somatic Writing is masterful at creating a nourishing structure that invites me to write from the deep places I’ve longed to connect with but couldn’t access on my own. The experience has far exceeded my expectations and is pure nectar for my soul.

Mary Suzanne Garvey

Painter & Author 

Somatic Writing gives us the space and process to open up and believe that we all have an important story to tell, and the permission to be our truest, messiest, and most magnificent selves...then helps us get it all written down. It has been a gift of a lifetime to become part of this community of writers.

Eva DeVirgilis

Actor, Playwright, TED speaker  

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