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Somatic Writing is a body-centered creative process to support you in writing, speaking, and integrating your story. We work with you at the nexus of healing, art, story, and consciousness. It's an entirely unique, intimate, and experiential way to help you access the stories you've held in your body and soul, and transmute them as you write and share them.


This process allows you to retrieve your voice while also preparing you to use it in service to your story. That story is the one that our burning world longs for right now. 

That story is your contribution to the future of humanity.

Somatic Writing

My name is Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

and I'm the creator of the Somatic Writing process, the Somatic Story Lab, and Somatic Memoir Lab. I know in every molecule of my being that stories have the power to change the world. 

I also know that a culture is only as good as its dominant myths. Right now, the myths and stories that we've been living for at least five thousand years have landed us at this nexus of crisis and opportunity. 

Writing embodied narratives, living into our own evolving stories, and approaching the art of story from a phenomenological approach has the possibility to not only change our own lives, but to radically shift the culture. 

As empaths, healers, teachers, facilitators, performing artists, and depth-based practitioners of all kinds, we have been called to untether our power and fully liberate our voices. Together, we have been called to gather around a new global bonfire, sharing stories that activate our collective commitment to healing, aliveness, and awakening.


At Somatic Writing we believe the new culture will not be created from restrictive forms of writing methodology. 

These old models may include entrepreneurial centered writing programs that are devoid of poetry and aliveness in both process and product. Sometimes, these models look like literary elitism which really amounts to intellectual bypass. An overly intellectual creative process that doesn’t embody a depth of soul is also obsolete. Either way, the emerging culture is calling for us to reveal deeper truths. 

We believe that the call at this moment in the culture is to move beyond excellence and into full embodiment, in our being and in our language. 

To help you radically open up your writing process, we offer deep exploratory circles which utilize our Story Archeology methodology, which supports you in mining layers of narrative embedded in your body through personal and historical experiences including but not limited to trauma, ancestral connection, and retrieving soul parts from exile including the wild mystic.


This process allows you to connect to the spirit as well as the energetics that reside in your stories. 

it's a responsibility. 

This is not just a call,

Tanya_003 WEB.jpg

For those of us who have heard the inner directive, we will truly not rest until we embody our purpose in the world.

If you are longing to liberate your voice, write your story, and untether your power by writing a book, we’re here.  


Somatic Writing is a radically holistic, body-centered writing and speaking process that will gently and powerfully support you in breaking free from fear, shame, and unprocessed grief, as well as from limiting beliefs that have held you back in your writing and in your life. Once you have untethered your writing and speaking voice and called in your power, you will be prepared to write a story to share with others. Your ability to speak and write authentically impacts every single area of your life. It affects your ability to ask for what you want, set and hold boundaries, and earn your worth.

On a collective level, it allows you to write and speak from your essence, from your unique soul imprint and to live, speak, and write into your purpose here on earth. This process has the potential to heal the splits that confine you, silence you, or continue to suppress your power. As you are able to write, speak, and integrate stories inside you that are buried under unprocessed grief, loss, or shame, you will be empowered to make choices in every aspect of your life.

Both the philosophical basis and the practice of Somatic Writing is in creating inner and outer spaces of radical acceptance. This spaciousness of intention is in and of itself a holy container meant to endure the pressure of humanity's evolution, which is upon us.

What’s the benefit of Somatic Writing? 
Is Somatic Writing
for me? 

Somatic Writing is for everybody who desires to become more empowered as a writer or speaker. Though it is primarily used to support you in writing and completing a book, it can be used to support anyone who is a writer or longs to write professionally or creatively.

It's a process that can work in tandem with any creative and artistic process. It's both a healing and awakening process that also stands on its own.

How can it help me?

Somatic Writing can help you identify, release and transmute stories, experiences, trauma, grief, pain, or shame that have been stored in your body and locked up your ability to freely express as a writer, speaker, and storyteller. It is related to power, how you hold and express your power, or not.


It's also very much about building resiliency and building a creative muscle and a writing practice that can support you in the long term.

How will it help me
write my book? 

The freer you are, the more liberated your voice, body, and ability to express, the more compelling your story will be. One of the things that Somatic Writing does, is allow the nervous system to release and relax around emotional issues. It supports you around low-level anxiety that is so prevalent in Western culture, that sense of urgency can keep you moving too fast to really slow down and retrieve the real thoughts and emotions you want to convey.

It allows you to experience your feelings as you write in a container that encourages you to write into your emotions through the writing process itself and transform and transmute them by accessing your own inner wisdom and resources.

How Are Somatic Memoir and Writing
Programs Different? 

Most other writing programs, especially book programs, support someone in telling their story by working with them on outlines, themes, and structures. This is the traditional way of working.

It's how many book writing programs are set up, where only those who already have access to their voice can write their book or do their show. In this approach, there's an acknowledgment that there are many reasons why someone may not be able to write, have difficulty writing, or difficulty sustaining the writing because of the emotional connection that goes with it.


If they aren't able to free their natural voice, both in writing and speaking first, they won't access their more profound thoughts and experiences and get them onto the page. Whether in a university setting, a graduate school, or online professional writing programs, many traditional writing programs teach as if everybody's in the same place, and everyone has the same learning style.


Somatic Writing allows for a radically judgment-free, sacred container for you to actually shift and move emotional blocks in the writing itself. It helps you grow your resiliency and your practice as a writer to deeply root you in the kind of practice needed to write a more significant project.


Self-realization comes as a result of the process. It is emphasized first and foremost while also supporting you fully in completing your book. 

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