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Ana Natkins Headsho.jpg

Ana Natkins

Client Care Coordinator

Ana is a tech and systems specialist who works with OBM’s, coaches and course creators to clarify their processes and implement their tech, so they can love their business and gain the freedom to give their best to their clients. In short, she allows her clients to be effective in what they do best and implement systems for the rest. Her motto is to use tech to keep it simple and calm the chaos.

Holding a variety of roles in tech, agencies, and healthcare throughout her corporate career, Ana realized she had a knack for taking complicated workflows and breaking it down into easy repeatable steps, organizing the information and utilizing the technology available to save herself and her team time and stress. Her colleagues were then able to focus on more important conversations, business improvements and thinking about the big-picture. Knowing that she had stumbled upon her zone of genius, Ana started to share her skills with the world, starting her side-hustle as a virtual assistant, then developing into a tech and systems specialist. Talking nerdy for her clients brings her great joy, and sense of purpose. 

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