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Six Weeks to Liberate Your Voice, Map Your Memoir, and Write Chapter One

How would it feel to know that you won’t let another year pass without finally finishing your book?  


Here’s the story:


I’m bringing a small group of committed writers together to map an achievable path to completing their book in the next year. 


During our six weeks together, you’ll craft a strong guiding outline and set a clear intention and direction for your entire journey . My co-teacher and I will hold you through the emotional process of uncovering your most compelling stories where they live in your body, and help you create an energetic container to support that journey through completion of your manuscript.  

If you’re anything like most of my students, you’re highly gifted – a natural leader, therapist, CEO, academic, working artists, or other kind of changemaker with a secret identity as a writer. 

You’re also likely a perfectionist in almost everything. And although these high standards and attention to detail have gotten you far in your professional life, they’re not supporting your writing.

You’re ready to liberate your voice and untether your creative power, to write the deeper truth of your experience as a deeply sensitive person, and learn to craft your personal story into a page turner. You’re ready to stop holding back from fully embodying your soul’s work, to bring your highest energy into the world through your story.
You're standing on the brink...

You’re moving towards being seen in your full power, ready to be known, once your book is published. This both thrills and terrifies you.

And with that inner battle raging on, another year can slip by without a book to show for it.
What if instead you had the support to set a clear direction, an outline and even a finished first chapter in a few weeks? More importantly, what if you had the energetic and magical support to push through blocks and trauma that once shut you down, to finally share your story with the world?

You can build that resilience, and our coaching can help.

The first 6 weeks of writing can make or break your book…

In my 20+ years as memoir and story coach, I’ve learned time and time again that the most critical steps to writing a compelling memoir or hybrid nonfiction book occur at the beginning.

The initial intention you carry with you into the writing process will either empower you with agency and a path forward for the entirety of your writing journey… or it will fall flat, leaving you lost and confused in your own story, and possibly even putting down your manuscript for good

Enter: Author Up!

​In only 6 weeks, you will learn the skills you need to unleash your voice, identify your soulmate reader, write a table of contents, map a strong guiding outline, and finish your first chapter. And you will feel fully held by my team of writing coaches, published authors, and professional editors every step of the way.

You’ll walk away from these six weeks with a fully written introduction or prologue, your first chapter, and a pathway to completing the first draft of your manuscript within a year.

You can spend years starting and stopping your memoir or hybrid nonfiction book, never quite knowing where you’re headed with it – or you can learn everything you need to know to start your story off strong in only 6 weeks.


You feel called to write the book that only you can write – but you don’t know how to turn your ideas into a finished story that resonates with readers


If you’re like many of our students, you’ve been thinking about writing your memoir or hybrid nonfiction book for years.


Maybe you’ve already received an MFA, but you have the sense that it didn’t give you the tools you need to dig deep and tell your personal story. Or you’ve considered getting an MFA, but you’re hesitant to invest the time into another degree – you’d rather get down to the nitty-gritty of writing your story.


If dedication and being accomplished in your field was all it took to write a book, you would have it done already. But it takes so much more than simply determination, or the writing skills you may have learned in school, to complete your story.


Writing your book is a deeply personal and emotional process.


As you reflect on your life experiences and decide which moments will resonate within the story, Somatic Writing will become your support system, so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.


In Author Up! you’ll be supported in identifying the key moments of your narrative, mapping the story so you don’t get stuck halfway through the writing process, and you’ll receive personalized feedback to guide you in writing a potent story.


Your journey to writing a book that makes a difference in the world begins here.


In our six weeks together, you will:

  • Join six 90-minute weekly live virtual workshopping sessions to create your aligned energetic writing container

  • Complete writing exercises and curriculum that have already helped hundreds of potential authors like you to identify your key narratives and structure an embodied outline 

  • Uncover your true “author identity,” and your secret reason for writing the book (likely deeper than you consciously know) 

  • Land on your unique, individualized process for writing your stories and holding space for your emotional experiences 

  • Access to our Somatic Writing™ community including private Facebook group for peer feedback, discussions, and support

  • We will also support you with access to our many private classes closed to all but Author Up and Author Lab authors

Now is the best time to finally fulfill your dream: your book written, published, and launched into the world. You’ll be amazed how your life expands, and the magic that follows. 

I know you're very particular, and only want to work with other driven and inspiring humans. Let us jumpstart your writing process with support that’s as potent as you. 


I’m a completion coach -- it’s the most powerful aspect of my story medicine. I’ve helped over a thousand people finish their memoirs, nonfiction books, and solo stage shows for the last twenty-one years. If you know finishing your book is the doorway to the highest expression of your soul, I’m ready to help you walk through it.

We’ll meet Tuesdays from 10:00–11:30 AM CT starting September 12th to build the structure that will carry you through a finished memoir or hybrid nonfiction book. Class recordings will be available and accessible 24/7 for review during the program.

How much energy would you get back if you had a defined plan to finish your book next year?


I’m excited to support you in stepping into your highest self.  

With love and magic,  


Author Up! begins on

Tuesday, September 12th

10:00–11:30 AM CT

Author Up!

Six weeks to Liberate Your Writer’s Voice, Create an Outline, and Complete Your First Chapter

Fast Action Bonus: Six-hour Writer’s Retreat

Join Author Up! before Tuesday, May 23rd to spend a Saturday with Tanya and the Somatic Writing community in a generative container dedicated to your own writing. Designed with just enough structure to get your creative energy flowing and support you in staying the course, this time is set aside as sacred space for your work and your book. Don’t miss this special opportunity, which our year-long students regularly credit with making some of their biggest breakthroughs possible!

The Six Hour Writer's Retreat is scheduled for:

Saturday, July 15 (10am-4pm CT)


Pay In Full Bonus #1
2 Somatic Writing Circles with Tanya and Courtney

Join Tanya and Courtney for 2 bonus classes to help you dive deep for inspiration, reveal the magic in your personal stories, and craft your lived experience into a powerful narrative of transformation. These sessions are all about excavating your stories and refining your skills as a writer, while immersing yourself in the Somatic Writing process and community. In each class you’ll participate in real-time writing exercises to seed ideas, explore themes, and take your storytelling to the next level.

Pay In Full Bonus #2
Get full access to all Somatic Writing calls for 6 weeks

First 10 people to Pay In Full only

Get access to an additional 24 sessions:

  1. Prolific Writer Lab Sessions (5x/month)

  2. Monthly Writer’s Workshop

  3. Monthly Story Archaeology sessions

  4. Art of Storycraft sessions (2x/month)

  5. Monthly Special Topic sessions w/ guests

  6. Monthly Author Identity & Marketing sessions with Tanya

  7. Monthly StoryWealth Somatic Resistance Coaching group sessions

  8. Monthly Publishing Accountability Support sessions

  9. Monthly Visiting Leader Sessions

  10. Full Moon/New Moon Visioning Circles


Somatic Writing is a journey to a deeper expression of self-awareness and personal truth. The experience of being led by Somatic Writing's faciltators into embodied spirit, provided a safe place for story-craft and story-sharing like no other I have had in supportive writing groups. I grew through the progressive steps toward embracing the author’s role and the memoir form, and still felt the spaciousness and call to experiment creatively. If you are a writer who also identifies as a seeker, I urge you to give yourself the gift of Author Up! It may be the beginning of new life for your writing, as it has been for me. 

– Alyson Miller, Writer

The Somatic Writing process has been life-giving to my writing project and to me as an author. Somatic Writing provides the strong community, gentle accountability, and reliably insightful feedback on the work--elements I've found in other writing spaces individually, but never from one single resource. In addition, the powerful magical practices and trusting of the body's wisdom has resulted in the best writing I've ever done. I also appreciate that this process seems to work equally well for writers at all experience levels and in different phases with their relationship to their work. I'm forever grateful for this experience, and I'm sure I'll be engaging further. 

– Kimberly Robb Baker, Writer, Community Builder, Mother


Somatic Writing has changed the direction of my life. The practices, the community and the team have thawed my frozen insides. Honest storytelling and deep listening to other people's stories have been truly life changing experiences for me. They continue to heal me, undo me, and bring love back in my life in so many ways. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much my cohort and the entire team of Somatic Writing. 

– Shruti Mehta, Writer and Mother

Somatic Writing offered us some potent alchemical writing practices during the course of Author Up! 2021 Fall series. I didn’t leave this course as the same writer I came in as. I didn’t leave this course the same person I came in as. Meaning, I learned how "writer" and "person" are one and the same. I don’t know of many writing courses out right now that actively work to heal that split. Thank you to the Somatic Writing team for the work that you do. May the seeds of these stories flourish and serve the re-enchantment of the whole. 

– Merrit Wuchina, Writer


My inner experience of shifting from writer to author's identity in Somatic Writing has been both terrifying and elating. Something quite magical happened in learning how to access my stories from a more body-informed place. Somatic Writing offers masterful practices rich in meaning and depth that helped me to excavate my layered stories and liberate my voice, cultivating the essential skills to write my book. The Author Up experience has moved me on so many levels as a writer, far beyond my expectations. 

– Christina MacLeod, Ma.Ed, Creative Depth Coach

Life changing! I’ve been working on my book for more than 30 years. I had boxes full of research, sample book proposals, beginning chapters. But I could never get beyond…I was frozen in my trauma. Somatic Writing allowed me to breakthrough and access stories that I thought had been lost forever. I’ve learned to write from and through the trauma held in my body, rather than my fact-telling brain. 

– Elan Lambert, Social Worker, Writer 


Author Up!

Six weeks to Liberate Your Writer’s Voice, Create an Outline, and Complete Your First Chapter

Author Up! begins on

Tuesday, September 12th

10:00–11:30 AM CT

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