Six weeks to write the first chapter and full outline of your memoir or hybrid non-fiction book!

Do you know the story is inside of you but doubt your ability to tell it, as you keep starting your book over and over?


Are you overwhelmed by all the stories you could possibly tell, lost on which to include?


Do you feel stuck, buried in years’ worth of free writes, journals, morning pages, and partially-written drafts gone cold?


Are you anxious thinking about your unwritten book and unrealized potential, like you’re running out of time to reach your goals spiritually, emotionally, or in your career?


How would it feel to finish your first chapter in six weeks, with a clear plan for completing your book within a year? With a map to telling your story, how much energy would you free for your other projects and goals?

If you’re anything like the vast majority of our Somatic Writing community, you have always loved to express yourself through writing and storytelling. Throughout your life you’ve likely journaled and written poetry, short stories or scenes. You’re also likely an avid reader and may have attempted to write a book more than once, maybe even attending writing workshops.  Perhaps you are also an actor, artist, healer or musician, whatever else your work is in the world. 


Part of your deepest longing and inner identity is tied up in being a writer, even if you haven’t manifested it in the world yet.  


You know in your gut and bones that you have an important message for others and Life itself to share.


If any (or most) of the above resonates, we’ve designed our Author Up! specifically for you, to finish your first chapter and outline the path to completing your book.

For the last twenty-one years, I’ve helped over a thousand people finish their memoirs, nonfiction books, and solo stage shows. Beyond a writing mentor, I’m known to my clients as a completion coach. It’s likely the most powerful aspect of my story medicine.


The most critical steps in writing a compelling memoir or non-fiction book happen up front. Setting a clear intention arms you with agency and direction for the entire journey. My mastery is in first crafting an energetic container to hold you through the process, then uncovering your grittiest, most compelling story from the get-go, so you can follow your golden thread all the way through completion of your first draft.


In our six weeks together, you will:

  • Create your aligned energetic writing container.

  • Get connected to your true “author identity,” and your secret reason for writing the book (likely deeper than you consciously know).

  • Identify your key narratives and map out your structure with an embodied outline.

  • Land on your individualized unique process for writing the book.

  • Write and receive feedback on Chapter One.

I want you to experience your dream fulfilled: your book written, published, and launched into the world. I want you to see how your life expands, the magic that follows.


I know that you're extremely particular, and only want to do this work with other inspiring humans as driven as you.


Get support to jumpstart this process that's as potent as you.

Bonus #1

Weekly Story Practice, six 90-minute sessions


Join the Somatic Writing community for weekly practice in the art, science, and magic of writing the personal stories that are burning to be told. In Story Archaeology, Tanya guides you into deep connection with your physical and metaphysical bodies, with your ancestors, and with the land to uncover narrative threads you may not even know you are holding. Then, in The Art of Storycraft, Somatic Writing co-teacher and coach Courtney Reed-Marsh leads you through embodied exercises, tools, and techniques to weave your stories together into well-crafted pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Bonus #2

Somatic Writing Retreat, six-hour intensive


Spend a dedicated day with Tanya and members of the current Somatic Book Lab cohorts. In this focused container you’ll be inspired through prompts and exercises to keep the pen flowing across the page over a series of extended writing blocks. Use the time to explore several different story ideas, or take a chapter-length piece all the way through to a finished first draft.  Whatever you feel moved to work on, you’ll be held in community and kept to a loose but loving schedule throughout this day of creative retreat.

Tanya holds a sacred and vital space where others can come more fully alive. Her writing processes are profound and spiritual. They access not only the root stories of our lives, but also uncover and reclaim visions and dreams we may have long forgotten or lost. Tanya builds community and welcomes the uniqueness of each of our voices.

– Teresa Whitaker

Storyteller, Finding Home Productions

Tanya is a masterful facilitator! I love the structure that she brings -- her guided visualizations, the way she threads in spiritual wisdom with trauma-informed writing, and her gentle encouragement to go deep and not be afraid of what emerges. This approach integrated key lessons around my writing and creative self: to practice self-compassion around wherever I am at in my writing process, to bring a sense of pleasure and discovery to my writing, and to trust in the support and wisdom that my body, my ancestors, and the earth herself gifts me with when I am still enough to listen.

– Yael Flusberg

Yoga Therapist & Resilience Coach

Tanya’s program has helped me uncover poetry and myths in my body, relationships, lineage, and soul that I had no idea were there. Each week I craft new narratives and rewrite old ones, composting and penning personal stories that are empowering, mystical, healing, and full of life. This process has helped me connect to my essence as a writer and as a woman.

– Sara Vos

Creative Director at Vos Holistic Services

From late 2013 to July 2014, I trekked from Boulder to Santa Fe for a monthly Author It! workshop with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and Candace Walsh, my first encounter with serious coaching for writers. I was burdened with a challenging and controversial book in development on how to localize the food supply, and knew I needed professional guidance to get through the hurdles of publishing. By the end of the course I was able to craft a full-blown book proposal (with longish chapter synopses and five sample chapters), and confident enough to present it to two publishers who I greatly respected. The thoughtful analysis, detailed input and line edits that Tanya and Candace brought to my proposal and sample chapters were rigorous and extremely helpful, and brought my work up to a high enough standard to be given serious consideration. I signed a book contract in August 2014 and was even able to secure a decent advance. But the unexpected bonus during the process was that Tanya made it clear she could see I was also capable of delivering very different and much more soulful work that would reach many more people, and that I was destined to move in that direction. Her gentle but persistent encouragement has inspired me to subsequently deepen my writing, and I am grateful to be able to collaborate with her now in taking my work to a whole new level, in the form of memoir (unfamiliar territory for me). I trust that a year or so from now I will know that the resulting book is what I was born to write—and would not even attempt this without Tanya's steady hand on the tiller.

– Michael Brownlee

The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times 
(North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 2016)

"Tanya has been the ancient midwife of my story. She cradled me, wept with me, sang me through my grief, coaxed my words, and gently guided me to the courage to birth my voice. She once said to me, ‘I can’t promise you safety here.’ In its place, she supported me in the ultimate radical soul liberation -- the telling of my story.”

– Melissa Kaplan

Somatic Therapist and Author


Tanya has a gift and that gift is to help you find the deepest truth, and then she holds your feet to the fire until you tell it to the best of your ability.


Being in the group is so supportive -- taking the isolation out of being a writer, and also out of the past I’m writing about in which I felt so alone. It's helping me find the voice I lost as a child, or probably more accurately never had or developed, and giving it the space to develop now."

– Diana Lightmoon

Psychotherapist & Writer