Debra Rosenman

Somatic Story Coach

Debra is beautifully entangled with nature and spirit. As a writer, editor, empath, explorer of wild beauty, somatic archaeologist and grief tender, she traverses the rich terrain of soul exploring intergenerational trauma, ecological grief, and empathic strain. This type of work shapes her story midwifing as she is always searching for content that feels alive and is ready to be baptized on the page. 
As a triple earth Virgo, Debra is oriented toward details and loves to keep clients on track by helping them root in and embody their writing. Passionate about her clients writing memoir and hybrid nonfiction books that are game changers and can reorient readers towards a more inclusive humanity, she helps them spin their stories into gold.  
Her dream clients are artists, healers, bridge builders, mystics, lovers of land and sea and animals, maestros in their chosen fields, and bold architects of their own lives. 
Debra founded Voices for Wild Souls and the Kincentric Grief Process. She leads clients in grief-tending, earth-based rituals, and rewilding practices. She is also the author/editor of the multi-award-winning book, The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope from Behind the Bars