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Debra Rosenman

Somatic Story Coach

Beautifully entangled with nature and spirit, Debra traverses the wild terrain of soul as a writer, book/story midwife, developmental editor, grief-tender/ritualist, Somatic Archaeologist and the author/editor/designer of The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Stories of Heartbreak and Hope from Behind the Bars. Her book has garnered 15 national awards for best narrative nonfiction, best new nonfiction, best anthology and best animal/nature book.   


As a story midwife, Debra supports clients in writing memoirs and nonfiction books that orient readers towards a more inclusive humanity. She loves helping authors fully embody their writing by digging deep into the emotional depth and rich marrow of their life stories. Debra’s coaching sessions focus on content that is deep, honest, expressive and, ultimately, wildly alive on the page. 


Founder of Sacred Sorrowing and Voices for Wild Souls, Debra facilitates nature-based grief rituals for individuals who are experiencing the loss of a companion animal and for those who are grieving the immense sorrows of the world. 


Debra loves dogs, great apes and elephants, spending sacred time in the forest, the intoxicating smell of rain on the earth, collage and book making, ginger pear smoothies, books (she always has 10-15 books on her bedside table at any one time) and when really tired, sappy movies. She has no tolerance for discrimination, violence and hate.

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