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Kerri Van Kirk

Somatic Writing Coach

Kerri Van Kirk is a guide for writers, creators, leaders and artists on the path of embodying their wholeness, harmony and radiance through their work in the world. She uses a mind-body-spirit approach with her clients, intermingling the esoteric with the actionable, and using the chakra system, human design, gene keys and Universal Health Principles to elicit deep connection to self, truth and purpose. All of her work assists in the shedding of the “not-self” and stepping into your true gifts and power.

She was trained in Acting at NYU for college, attended the Center for Narrative Practice and trained under Tanya for many years in the Somatic Writing Process. She has written and performed two one-woman shows, shared her poetry at Omega Institute and’s 20th Anniversay Conference and released a poetry album called KEEP BOTH MY EYES. She has created narrative podcasts - from ArtistCEO to special projects for the Milwaukee Art Museum - and her own podcast sharing her story of losing and finding her voice called, The Cleaner I Get. A Brooklynite for many years by way of North Carolina, she now lives in Maine with her husband, Charlie.

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