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Priyanka Khandalkar

Director of Operations

Priyanka is the Host of Top 60 ranked leadership inspired podcast called ‘Show up with Priyanka’ Podcast on ITunes. She interviews Entrepreneurs who are leading , inspiring , impacting and making a difference with their authentic and intentional leadership. She is Business Growth Strategist/ Integrator and Certified Director of Operations for Small businesses. Priyanka’s mission is to help multi- 6 figures and more impact-driven and heart-centered entrepreneurs scale and build sustainable and predictable businesses by leveraging simplified systems, empowered teams and streamlined  operations in business to result in making more impact, more income, and eliminate chaos.


She is Mastermind Coach for Dean Garzosis and Tony Robbins in their KBB program. She is an engineer with masters in Industrial and Engineering management from Western Michigan university with 12 yrs of Operations experience as Engineer in Fortune 500- like Volkswagen, John Deer, Steelcase. She has launched in past E-commerce Amazon FBA biz and SAS biz . She also has expertise in Team culture and trained on Intentional Energetic Presence® Leadership. Priyanka is also Co-author of the Book "Wings of A Women". She is Mama of 3 yrs old Anvika and currently lives in Kalamazoo, MI with husband and daughter.