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 Liberate Your Voice, Write Your Story


You are a writer.


We are all writers. 


Part of our soul purpose as human beings is to come to this earth and find a way to share our stories. Everyone has the ability to communicate their story, (even if it means speaking out their story instead of writing) but we often get stuck or believe we're stuck because we don't know how to access the deeper layers of nuance and memory that are held in our bodies, our Soma. These sensations may have their origins in events from our own lives or even in the traumas our ancestors experienced.


At Somatic Writing, we work at the nexus and liminal intersection of body, soul and spirit.

In a process I’ve created called Story Archaeology, we connect with the stories held in our nervous system, in our DNA, both in and on the other side of trauma and grief. Using this process, our deepest stories reveal themselves as we peel back the layers in our soma where our stories are held, frozen.


In this one-day intensive, you will be led into writing with and through various aspects of yourself to retrieve parts of your soul through story. These stories, which have been exiled and marginalized, are connected to your deepest giftedness, to the part that has remained unspoken, yet deeply known in a culture that has not understood the depth of who you really are...the mystic, the intuitive, the poet, the high artist. 


Together, we will bring in resources, including your ancestors, artistic guides, your connection to pleasure and the erotic in order to open our bodies into our stories in a radically different way than what is taught in patriarchal culture, in institutions and in families of suppression and repression that most all of us come from.


If this is resonating and you are looking for deep liberation so that you are free in your voice and able to write and share your story as a book, as a one person show, in your leadership, in your artistry, in your entrepreneurship, on and offline, this day-long intensive may be for you.




The vagus nerve runs all through the body and connects with the esophagus, lungs and most of all, our digestive tract, which connects with our gut health. The vagus nerve stores all kinds of trauma, grief and suppression that may actually physically stop us from writing the stories we need to write, whether we know exactly what they are, or have a hard time accessing them. 


If you know there is untapped brilliance inside of you, writing the vagus nerve will help you reconnect these parts of self to let it out.




We will then move into the organs of the body. All our organs are connected to different emotions, including anxiety in the spleen, rage and anger in the liver, joy in the heart, grief in the lungs, terror and fear in the kidneys.


You will be guided to write into the amazing stories the organs of your bodies hold, further freeing your voice and self in the process.




We will also be tuning in with ancestors and the land as deep resources to support you in opening up your voice, not only into this earthly realm, but the liminal realm, unpacking layers of stories that will inform any narrative that your soul is longing to write. Once upon a time, we were all indigenous to place, once upon a time we were all connected to body and land.

Energy Coach & Healing Facilitator for New Paradigm Leaders, Kerri Van Kirk, will be leading us in an energetic cleanse and activation UHP session to help process the day's writing and smooth our way into an authentic sense of self moving forward in our writing, work and lives.

We will write and share in community, together and in small groups. You will leave this day changed and prepared for the next steps, on the journey to writing the fullest, most fulfilling story that is part of your assignment while in this body.

I don't believe in writer's block, I believe in writer’s shame and silencing. If you are called to liberate your voice and share your story, please join us.

Saturday, March 20th
10am to 4:30 Central Time
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