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Meeting our Grief, Accessing our Road-Opening Magic 

“Writing with the Ancestors, Writing with the Descendants” 

A Free Somatic Writing Circle with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein (founder, Somatic Writing) with a special magical guest

Wednesday, November 22 at 7:00 p.m. CST (US) | 8:00 p.m. EST

Beloved Writer,

We will gather once again to honor our despair. 


We will unmask our terror and rage. 


We will unmask the unbearable heaviness of living under 5,000 years of patriarchal domination, which has led us to this moment as a species. 


We will look at the ways in which we have been taught to separate from ourselves and each other, when in fact, we are all born and return to the same roots of the Mother Tree. 


It is time for the journey of our return to Her, collectively and globally, to commence. 


A week from Wednesday, we will connect with the spiritual technology of our Ancestors and open the field to access Road-opening Magic.  


We will call on our ancestral mothers, ancestral grandmothers, ancestral aunties, non-binary and queer elders and allow them to speak through us. 


We will also listen to the directives of our descendants, the daughters, and sons yet to be born, who are cajoling and demanding that we listen to them so we can take action on their behalf now. 


Road opening is a technique used by various schools of magic to help shift fate patterns. 


When dealing with fate, outcomes can potentially impact individuals, a family, tribes or collective.

Please join us as our guest and sign up HERE:

What to prepare:

Please plan to show up on camera in a quiet and private space, if possible. Bring a candle, paper and something to write with, and if possible a photo or heirloom from an ancestor you want to call in.

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Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the Founder/CEO of Somatic Writing,

master facilitator, teacher and witch.

She is the creator of Writing with the Ancestors process, the Transformational Monologue process and the Cancer Monologues (Published in book form by McAdam Cage in 2002.) Her liberatory story work has been in service to artists, writers, authors, musicians and "ordinary people" who have lived through catastrophic trauma, violence and mental and physical illnesses.

She was trained as an actor originally and performed her own original shows to critical acclaim.

Tanya was undiagnosed as an Autistic woman until 2020.

Though she was undiagnosed, she has always been obsessed with following her special interests (which include literature, magic, theater as ritual, and the relationship between Israel and Palestine) from a young age. Her doggedness to be true to herself, prevented her from excelling in Academia, which did not know how to support her wild giftedness as a story tracker and synthesizer. 

She has gone on to create a thriving career as an entrepreneur over the past 23 years, helping thousands of people to liberate their voice, retrieve their power to write books and solo shows to center their creative leadership.


Join us live on November 22nd by entering your information below:

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