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The Somatic Writing Circle

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Writing with the Ancestors

Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM Central Time

If you'd like to join us, sign up below:
Welcome, friend.

At Somatic Writing, one of our foundational practices to liberate our voice and write from our deepest stories, is to write with our ancestors. There is no greater support system available to us in creating the safety we need to open up to our power.


These relations include our blood and familial ancestors, as well as our connections to ancestors through the land where we live, our creative and spiritual ancestors, to animals and plants and the Earth herself. Leaning into the guidance of our ancestors as mystics, magicians, master teachers and healers will lead us down unexpected paths to uncovering our own hidden or marginalized identities, buried grief, shame, and trauma (individual or collective), our unconscious shadow. There are no greater guides in confronting and integrating our hidden truths than the ancestors showing up for us when we listen.


Those ancients, also known as the mighty dead, run through our blood, our bones, our spinal fluid, our deep intuitive psychic knowings. In this circle we will tap into those voices, to channel their guidance for us as embodied writers.


Register now to get a taste for what it means to be a Somatic Writer in this guided meditation and writing circle. 



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What to prepare:

Please plan to show up on camera in a quiet and private space, if possible. Bring a candle, paper and something to write with, and if possible a photo or heirloom from an ancestor you want to call in.

Somatic Writing holds a sacred and vital space where writers can come more fully alive. The processes are profound and spiritual. They access not only the root stories of our lives, but also uncover and reclaim visions and dreams we may have long forgotten or lost. Somatic Writing builds community and welcomes the uniqueness of each of our voices.

- Teresa Whitaker

Storyteller, Finding Home Productions

Somatic Writing’s program has helped me uncover poetry and myths in my body, relationships, lineage, and soul that I had no idea were there. Each week I craft new narratives and rewrite old ones, composting and penning personal stories that are empowering, mystical, healing, and full of life. This process has helped me connect to my essence as a writer and as a woman. 

- Sara Vos, Creative Director at Vos Holistic Services

Somatic Writing creates a deep soul-sustaining space where a writer's depth can emerge. It's extraordinary and rare, an oasis in an unrelenting world that often bypasses meaningful inner inquiry such as this. Somatic Writing's process is like a writer's life-line, something I always want to be connected to. There are places one can go as a writer in a facilitated group that one can't go alone. There is safety in numbers, but specifically well-facilitated numbers. Each class allows the writer to plunge into their material without fear of performing well or producing a product - which ironically yields better performance and product. I'm so happy to be part of these writing circles. I miss them when I can't come. They bring me home to myself. The ever-changing writing prompts provide soulful, soul-quenching, soul-safe, deep dives into the terrain. I love this precious environment and hope to be a part of it for a long time to come. 

- Sarah Brown, Award Winning Playwright & Author

The supportive space created by the Somatic Writing team has allowed me to explore different entry points into my story and go far deeper than I ever imagined possible. I’m a much better writer since I began Somatic Writing. 

- Cheryl Brown, Political Community Organizer, Writer

I love the structure that Somatic Writing offers—the guided visualizations, the way the process threads in spiritual wisdom with trauma-informed prompts, and the gentle encouragement to go deep and not be afraid of what emerges. This approach integrates key lessons around my writing and creative self: to practice self-compassion around wherever I am at in my writing process; to bring a sense of pleasure and discovery to my writing; and to trust in the support and wisdom that my body, my ancestors, and the earth gifts me with when I am still enough to listen. 

- Yael Flusberg, Yoga Therapist & Resilience Coach

Somatic Writing is a body-centered writing process that will empower and inspire you to live from your wholeness, embody your depth of leadership, and serve your soul’s gifts as an offering to the restructuring world.

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