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“Writing with the Ancestors:
Love Across Time” 

A Free Somatic Writing Circle with Tanya Taylor Rubinstein (Founder, Somatic Writing)

Friday, February 16th at 10:00 AM Central Time (US) | 11:00 AM Eastern Time

Beloved writer, 


Once again, you are invited to join us at our next Writing with the Ancestors circle. 


Whether you are brand new to this monthly tradition or have been attending since its inception in the fall of 2020,  and dive deep into practice with our global community, this upcoming event promises to be something special.


This month, for the first time ever, in celebration of unValentine's Day, we are exploring love stories through an ancestral lens.


We will open up portals to uncover connections of love in deep time—not only romantic love, but love stories with rivers, with rocks, with green and brown earth; queer love stories that jump timelines; love stories that connect you to ancestors and deep-time ancients who have wisdom about love to impart to you.


Writing With The Ancestors is the first of the 13 Somatic Writing practices. We will go deep, as we always do, in a sacred community space that is inclusive of the living and the dead, the human and the non-human, and, most especially, the well ancestors: the teachers and liberators who are guiding those of us in bodies home.


We hope you'll join us this month for this exploration of love in its vastness, in its uncontained wildness, the deep love of and from the soul.



Please join us as our guest and sign up HERE:

What to prepare:

Please plan to show up on camera in a quiet and private space, if possible. Bring a candle, paper and something to write with, and if possible a photo or heirloom from an ancestor you want to call in.

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Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the Founder/CEO of Somatic Writing,

master facilitator, teacher and witch.

She is the creator of Writing with the Ancestors process, the Transformational Monologue process and the Cancer Monologues (Published in book form by McAdam Cage in 2002.) Her liberatory story work has been in service to artists, writers, authors, musicians and "ordinary people" who have lived through catastrophic trauma, violence and mental and physical illnesses.

She was trained as an actor originally and performed her own original shows to critical acclaim.

Tanya was undiagnosed as an Autistic woman until 2020.

Though she was undiagnosed, she has always been obsessed with following her special interests (which include literature, magic, theater as ritual, and the relationship between Israel and Palestine) from a young age. Her doggedness to be true to herself, prevented her from excelling in Academia, which did not know how to support her wild giftedness as a story tracker and synthesizer. 

She has gone on to create a thriving career as an entrepreneur over the past 23 years, helping thousands of people to liberate their voice, retrieve their power to write books and solo shows to center their creative leadership.


Join us live on February 16th by entering your information below:

Quotes from Writing with the Ancestors classes

“This course was absolutely transformative! I had been wanting to deepen both my writing practice and my ancestral connection practice, but didn't really know where to turn. This course offered me both of those things. Tanya was genuine, compassionate, and supportive, and shared so many personal stories with us. I felt a true connection with her, and through the practice, established a deeper connection with my ancestors."

Julie, Tucson, AZ

“I was surprised by the truth I feel like I had been hiding for generations."

Anne C. 

“This course was one of the best spiritual studies I've ever experienced. It was such a journey of self discovery and ancestral activation and inclusion. It turned out to be a healing journey on such a soul level. One that I had not anticipated. Just what we (ancestors) needed. THANK YOU!!!"

Marilyn, Kansas City

“Writing with the Ancestors with Tanya was transformational, supportive & insightful"

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