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Thursday,  June 24th at 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Central Time

In Somatic Writing, whether you're working on your memoir or not, our foundational work is to open the voice in unexpected ways.

We write from our bones and our guts. We write from the blood coursing through our veins, and the rivers coursing through our land. We access different timelines and different song lines of our lived experiences, including those from our own lifetimes and our ancestors’ lifetimes.

In our storytelling, we work deeply with our ancestors’ stories, their wisdom, and their profound love and support of us. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had contact with them before entering the circle. When we open up our writer’s voice in unexpected ways, we find resources waiting for us that are almost unimaginable. 


In our next free Somatic Writing circle, we will explore writing with the ancestors. From blood relations to deep, hidden entanglements at the root systems of our lives, to artistic and creative ancestors, our ancestors are often available to help in surprising ways. 


As we write, we heal. As we heal, we have access to more power in our voice. The creative result is that we're able to write, imagine, and publish more impactful stories. 


If you'd like to dip your toe into the waters of Somatic Writing, please join us for the next circle.

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About the Somatic Writing Circle:
Letter from Tanya

As a decades long story worker and writing coach, the knowledge that we're at such a critical juncture in human and planetary history- an existential turning point on every level, vibrates in me on a subtle level all day, every day and well into the night. This vibration involves feeling a lot of grief and rage, yet I am also able to sense my way to joy, to pleasure, to love and find my way back to my own writing more than I had in almost two decades. 

To be fully aware of the astonishing catastrophe that is upon us and yet, and at the same time, reaching to feel fully alive, shifting into radical liberation in all ways is what I call, "my practice of now."  


I'm aware, as so many of you are that as a culture/death cult we’ve been called to completely, radically change our ways of being. Every collective narrative and individual story is up for immediate revision if we are to survive, and humbly thrive as a species. 

Once upon a time, we knew that we were all Indigenous to our land, to our forests and to the bones of our dead. 

We were connected to the seasons of nature as our own bodies: birth, expansion, decline, death. 

The fire, wind, snowflakes and dust

Cosmos turning

The stark sunlight and the deep forest 

Was all ours. 

In other words, we were not only aligned but lived as the process of living and dying.

For many of us in Western culture, perhaps thousands of years away from feeling truly connected to that process. 

Depending on our ancestral stories and lineage, we carry different types of wounding. 

We carry the historical trauma of violence towards and from other tribes or clans of the earth. 

Some of us are connected to families who were great perpetrators of the violence. 

Some of us have had the trauma of violence greatly perpetrated against our people.

If one goes far enough back in any lineage/entanglement we will of course find messy stories of both. 

This is a paradox. 

This is our brutal, brilliant,ugly, violent, gorgeous human story.


It's brought us to this moment, of both shoreline and shroud. 

If we don't heal our individual familial and collective trauma - most humans won't survive. 

It's our unhealed trauma that makes us continue to repeat the story lines that have led us to this existential planetary moment. 


My people, my ancestors, were mostly teachers. 

They were doctors and artists. 

They were colonizers. 

They were predators and puritans. 

They were abolitionists.

They were ancient witches, midwives and healers. 

They were storytellers. 

I carry all of those narrative threads inside me. 

My life time task is the unspooling and integration of these stories. 

I believe it is this way for all of us. 

I believe that it is this way for you. 

When I was twenty six, I left not only the area, but the culture (Northeast) of where I was born. 

Instead, I moved sight unseen with almost no money, to New Mexico. I spent the last 30 years in the high desert of New Mexico, writing and performing stories and working with others to share their most core level stories which were always connected to trauma. 

Sometimes, if we were both lucky, the trauma story also revealed another identity, one connected to magic or grace.   

I’ve worked with diverse groups of humans on writing and performing: veterans, people experiencing cancers of all kinds, HIV and AIDS, people with an array of serious mental health issues, lesbian, gay and queer folks sharing coming out stories,  Palestinian, Israeli and Arab- Israeli teens, elders, hospice caregivers and many others who don't fit neatly into any catagory. All had experienced loss, trauma and what often felt like insurmountable pain and grief. I include myself in that category. 

All also exhibited tremendous resiliency, humor and spirit. 

This has been my primary learning after all of these years: 

Human beings are vast and complex. Stories save us.

My professional work as a story worker/coach/mentor turned toward working on "long form" personal narratives, specifically solo shows primarily with other actors, musicians, dancers in 2006. In 2011, I partnered with author/editor Candace Walsh to learn how to teach memoir and have been doing so ever since. 

These Thursday night Somatic Writing Circles continue that exploration now, inviting you to enter into this life changing work.

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The Somatic Writing Circle is an intimate writing experience.

It's a space to be seen, witnessed and to engage deeply. If you are planning on attending, please set up in a quiet place, with your Zoom camera on. Bring pen and paper so you can write by hand.

Are you in?